I Sense A Disturbance In The Vortex

Was it really barely a week ago that I wrote a post entitled “Let Winter Be Winter”? Yes, it was – only a few days ago I was complaining about our eerily mild temperatures. And the weather gods could not resist the opportunity to make me the straight man in a little joke. The weather gods are evil.

polar vortex 2


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Some Grasses in Winter

Northern Sea Oats (Chasmanthium latifolium), does keep its handsome looks in winter. The seedheads seem to shatter over a long period.


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Meet My Buds

A couple of recent posts from Heirloom Cottage Garden and New Hampshire Garden Solutions inspired me to go out into the garden and take pictures of the buds on our woody plants. Too late I realized that you’re supposed to have a special lens, which we don’t have, to take this kind of picture. Nevertheless, I did my best.


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The Strategic Garden Tool Reserve

Here’s an idea for gardeners who, like me, have a tendency to lose their garden tools.

file-26 (8)
A pruner found in the border during spring clean-up.

I never figured out how to carry multiple tools around with me while taking care of various garden tasks. Smaller tools usually get stuck in a pocket, which can result in pocketsĀ  sliced open at the bottom, which is why you can sometimes see me hopping around the garden, shaking one leg until it gives birth to a trowel. If my pockets don’t have openings in the bottom, then they are probably full of dirt.

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Let Winter Be Winter

There’s a compact Korean Spice Viburnum (Viburnum carlesii) just outside our front door. I give it a close inspection, if I’m not in a hurry, almost every time I enter or exit the house.

Korean Spice Viburnum blooming in January.

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Book Review: Educated, by Tara Westover

This book is 329 pages long and I read it in 3 days. It’s hard to put down.

In Educated, the author tells her own remarkable life story. Her tale is one of escape from a violent and intensely isolated childhood in rural Idaho, attending college after receiving no formal education at all, then ultimately emerging with a doctorate in history from Cambridge University.

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Some 2018 Garden Highlights: Summer Breeze

Today is New Year’s Day. While a patchy blanket of snow lies on the ground outside, it seems a good moment to look through some favorite photos of our garden in summer.


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Some Garden Highlights of 2018, January to May

As I recall, winter was in no hurry to depart this year, and spring was tardy in arriving.


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Welcome to the Family, Here’s a Stocking

Since we were at home this Christmas, we also revived the family custom of Christmas stockings, which we inherited from Judy’s family. I knew I was an honorary Hertz when Judy’s mother made a stocking for me. Now that our family is expanding again, Judy set to work to make two new stockings.


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A Christmas Tree

We were home for Christmas this year for the first time in a decade. And so, for the first time in as many years, we’ve bought a Christmas tree.

file-25 (7)

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