Sunday in the Garden with My iPad

Judy’s camera isn’t working, so we’ve got to take it to the shop. In the meantime, we’ll have to make due with our iPad. We both took these pictures, mine are distinguished by their fuzzy quality.

Trumpet honeysuckle.
Bleeding heart and wild currant in the backyard.
Wild currant is an easy and attractive low-growing shrub. As you can see, it has dangling chartreuse flowers in spring. The small black fruit is edible and sour, but the birds are enthusiastic.
First peony bloom of the season!
The wild geranium have started blooming.
Brick entrance path into the backyard. We got the arbor last year. I'm growing two roses up the sides - Darlow's Enigma and Westerland.
Our back door. We inherited the wheelbarrow from the last owners. It was past its useful life, so we turned it into a planter. We're growing dwarf and low-bush blueberries and annual flowers in the containers.
The mighty ostrich ferns emerging from behind the bleeding hearts in front of the house.
There were lots of red admiral butterflies this weekend, and another species I couldn't identify.




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