Weekend Highlights

  • It was cool and cloudy Saturday, cool and mostly sunny today. This should be remembered as “The Spring of Hurry Up and Wait,” for its excessive early warmth followed by downright chilly weather.
  • Dug out six Early Sunflower (Heliopsis) from my front bed along the sidewalk. While these are nice plants, they’re just too big and bushy, even when I cut them back, to fit into a flower border along a sidewalk. Also, they were shading the Salvia. These were three years old, and had grown some enormous root masses. Fibrous, I grunted as I worked,  these are supposed to be fibrous roots.
  • In place of some of the Early Sunflower, planted some Smooth Penstemon that just arrived from Bluestone Perennials. I wanted to replace the remainder with “Sunfire” Coreopsis, or one of the other varieties that has a dark eye. However, none such have yet to show at the local nursery.
  • Looked in vain for signs of my Joe Pye Weed “Gateway” and “Little Joe” emerging from the soil. Fantasized about what I might replace them with if they died over the winter. In a similar vein, looked for my red milkweed plants to finish breaking dormancy. A couple have, but several have not.
  • Wondered why my flowering dogwood “Appalachian Spring” has yet to leaf out. Just planted it at the beginning of the month. I can tell it’s alive from the color of the stems.  Leaf out, damn you!
  • Put an edging of pavers between garage bed and the stone path to the backyard. The path is too low and dirt keeps washing onto it. I could dig and reset the path, but figured it would be easier to use the pavers as a dam to keep back the soil. Did about one third of the bed.
  • Bought lots of sweet alyssum and blue lobelia as filler for my containers. A big improvement, reminding me of the fact that containers look much better when you cram in the plants. I planted pansies earlier, but they’ve been slow to spread.
  • Gave the neighbors some columbine and wild geranium volunteers, along with some hunks of oregano from the herb/vegetable garden.

All in all, a fairly satisfying weekend.

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