Tardy Bloom Day

 I was out of town on the 15th on a business trip. (Work was absolutely brutal, but that’s another subject.) Therefore, I am granting myself a four day extension on the bloom day due date. Here goes, in no particular order:

Peony ‘America’

Second spring for this peony. There were four buds getting ready to bloom when I left town Tuesday, when I returned Thursday two were gone and the other two had only a couple days left. Gaaah! That’s why I don’t like to plant peonies.

 Brunnera macrophyla


Lonicera sempervivens

Lonicera ‘John Clayton’

Polemonium carneum

Polemonium reptans

Geranium ‘Johnson’s Blue’

Geranium maculatum

A bee visiting wild geranium.
We inherited this weigela from the last owners, and don’t know the variety. Some strategic pruning has perked it up considerably.

Rosa  ‘Sally Holmes’, many buds almost ready to open

Rosa ‘Cassie’

Rosa ‘Darlow’s Enigma’

A rambler, we are training Darlow’s Enigma on an arbor. This should be a good year for roses, all of ours are covered in buds.

The columbines were really bushy and floriferous this year. I love the flowers, like red and yellow chandeliers.

Allium ‘Globemaster’

Allium ‘Purple Sensation;

Allium Purple Sensation does pretty well in our partly shady backyard.
The Salvia ‘May Night’ and ‘Blue Hill’ are just starting to bloom (center). Golden Alexander is toward the end of the border.

 Corydalis lutea grows well in dry shade. The funny little tubular flowers bloom for months.

Achillea millefoliumm ‘paprika’

Nepeta ‘kitkat’

Nepeta kitkat blooms earlier than other nepetas. I use it to edge the hot, western border of a flower bed. Great for bees and butterflies.

 Geum triflorum

Prairie Smoke makes a good groundcover in a sunny spot. I like the unusual pink flowers.

 Amsonia tabernamontana 

Various annuals – cleome, cosmos, pansies, sweet alyssum, lobelia …

 Though it’s not blooming, an honorable mention for my ostrich ferns, Matteuccia struthiopteris. I’ve told the neighbor kids that when the ferns get big enough they will attract dinosaurs.

2 Comments on “Tardy Bloom Day

  1. I feel the same way about peonies–their blooms are so fleeting I’m starting to wonder if they are worth all the space they take up in the yard. Your ferns are gorgeous! Be sure to post photos of e dinosaurs.

  2. Those ostrich ferns are supposed to get up to 6′. It’s too bad I didn’t plant these when my own kids were younger and were dinosaur fanatics.

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