An Herb is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Every year we grow far more herbs, in gross tonnage, than we consume. A single oregano plant goes a long way, even if you are vigilant in beating back its efforts to take over the entire neighborhood. Admittedly, I make matters worse by planting far more parsley, dill, and fennel than we could ever use in order to entice black swallowtail butterflies to our yard.


It feels just wrong to keep pinching back your herbs to keep them from flowering when most of the pinched material just goes unused. So, I am on the lookout for recipes that enable us to consume large quantities of herbs in a single go.

Judy made just such a recipe last night: chimichurri. This is an Argentine sauce made with fresh cilantro, oregano, and parsley. Delicious!

You can put it on beef, chicken, fish, or vegetables, or use it as a marinade. Here is a link to a good chimichurri recipe.

2 Comments on “An Herb is a Terrible Thing to Waste

  1. I have oregano and chives bent on world domination, but I grow other herbs only in small quantities. This year, I don’t have to worry about pinching back the cilantro because I have a resident woodchuck living under the deck with a particular predilection for cilantro. After a few nights of woodchuck snacking, the cilantro has completely disappeared, with just a space behind the parsley where it used to be growing.

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