My Asiatic lilies are approaching their peak. I ordered 50 lily bulbs eight years ago and planted them around the dripline of an old eastern red cedar that I had limbed up. This was a silly thing to do, I later realized, as the lilies struggled with the competition from the cedar. Eventually I removed the cedar and replaced it with a much smaller crabapple tree. Subsequently, the lilies started naturalizing and looking much better.

So, without further ado, Gardeninacity’s 2012 Asiatic lilies:



5 Comments on “Lilypalooza

  1. I love them! I had a lot of them at my previous garden but 2010 proved to be the year the red lily beetles won the war. I must summon my courage and try again. They give such a perfect blast of colour and style to the garden.

  2. Whoa! Nice! I tried planting Asiatic lilies on the north side of my shed – not only dumb, but I thought I had purchased “ditch” daylilies. I have been moving them to other locations, including random corners of my raised veggie beds. But if they are going to spread like yours, maybe that is not a good idea, either. One nice thing about gardening is, there is usually an opportunity for a “do over” if things don’t work out.

  3. Hi! Your lilys are gorgeous! I have been to the Chicago Botanical Gardens but we don’t live close enough to take classes there. Lucky you. Nancy

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