These are the Days of the Daylilies

I like daylilies, but I am not a fanatic, like some people I know of. I don’t belong to the American Hemorocallis Society. I don’t use up my garden budget buying the latest cultivars. My enthusiasm for daylilies is more episodic. Every few years I think to myself: what this border really needs is some daylilies! Then I get engrossed in the Oakes Daylilies website, and the next thing I know a box full of bareroot plants has arrived from Tennessee.

‘Egyptian Spice’

At this time of year, you have to appreciate what daylilies have to offer . They are tough, reliable, and adaptable plants. Moreover, the thousands of varieties offer an amazing selection of colors and even shapes. Actually, the vast number of cultivars makes it a challenge to make a final selection. I solve this problem in part by going with varieties with ‘Chicago’ in the name. The ubiquity of certain daylilies, like ‘Stella D’Oro’, reduces daylily appeal to many.  But when I look at the varieties at bloom now in my garden, it reminds me that this can be an exciting plant.

Not sure about this one.
‘Chicago Apache’
‘Chicago Star’

6 Comments on “These are the Days of the Daylilies

  1. At one time, I had your same cavalier approach to daylilies. That was “BD”– before Darrel (Dr. Darrel Apps). Now, I can not but look at daylilies in a whole other light! Also, haven’t you ever gotten out to Klehm’s in the NW suburbs?

    • I’ve ordered some peonies from Klehm’s, but I haven’t been out there. I really should, and I have to drive out to the Rockford area for work several times a year. As to Dr. Darrel Apps, I have to confess my ignorance, but I’ll start to correct that by Googling him right now.

  2. I also am an Oakes fan. I love Chicago Arnie’s Choice which would fit with your Chicago theme. My current fave is Lavender Deal which is lavender, large and fragrant.

  3. This is one of my favorite perennials as well, but I can’t begin to keep up with all the names. I have resolved to just enjoy them.

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