These are the Days of the Daylilies

I like daylilies, but I am not a fanatic, like some people I know of. I don’t belong to the American Hemorocallis Society. I don’t use up my garden budget buying the latest cultivars. My enthusiasm for daylilies is more episodic. Every few years I think to myself: what this border really needs is some daylilies! Then I get engrossed in the Oakes Daylilies website, and the next thing I know a box full of bareroot plants has arrived from Tennessee.

‘Egyptian Spice’

At this time of year, you have to appreciate what daylilies have to offer . They are tough, reliable, and adaptable plants. Moreover, the thousands of varieties offer an amazing selection of colors and even shapes. Actually, the vast number of cultivars makes it a challenge to make a final selection. I solve this problem in part by going with varieties with ‘Chicago’ in the name. The ubiquity of certain daylilies, like ‘Stella D’Oro’, reduces daylily appeal to many.  But when I look at the varieties at bloom now in my garden, it reminds me that this can be an exciting plant.

Not sure about this one.
‘Chicago Apache’
‘Chicago Star’

6 Comments on “These are the Days of the Daylilies”

  1. At one time, I had your same cavalier approach to daylilies. That was “BD”– before Darrel (Dr. Darrel Apps). Now, I can not but look at daylilies in a whole other light! Also, haven’t you ever gotten out to Klehm’s in the NW suburbs?

    • I’ve ordered some peonies from Klehm’s, but I haven’t been out there. I really should, and I have to drive out to the Rockford area for work several times a year. As to Dr. Darrel Apps, I have to confess my ignorance, but I’ll start to correct that by Googling him right now.

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