Gosh, thanks

I was very flattered to learn that Cheryl at Gardenhood  has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. Like most people, I like to get compliments and I like to get recognition. Of course, I understand that this is one of those awards given for the purpose of increasing awareness and readership of garden blogs in general – as well as to recognize the efforts of garden bloggers. I must also say that if this blog is lovely, it’s because of the photographs taken by my spouse Judy.

Speaking of lovely, Gardenhood is definitely worth checking out. Both the writing and photography are excellent.

Accepting the nomination involves nominating another 10 blogs in turn (and notifying the bloggers), then listing seven random facts about myself. So here goes (once you get going, limiting yourself to 10 blogs gets kind of hard).

Some of my favorite blogs I’d like to nominate:

  1. A Corner Garden
  2. Black Walnut Dispatch
  3. Jean’s Garden
  4. Just a Girl With a Hammer
  5. Promenade Plantings
  6. Rhone Street Gardens
  7. Sunil’s Garden
  8. Talking to Plants
  9. The Blonde Gardener
  10. Woodchuck Acres

These are all very enjoyable reads.  Finally, seven random facts about myself.

  1. I have visited every state in the Union except for Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Texas, and Oregon.
  2. I have visited the following countries: Mexico, Canada, Russia, Israel, Turkey, France.
  3. Worst three jobs I ever had: working at a car wash, working in a “rat farm” raising rats for laboratories, working in a cheese rennet factory (google it if you have to know).
  4. Spent the last two years of high school at a vocational center learning carpentry. Learned that there was no way I could support myself as a carpenter.
  5. Have two sons ages 25 and 22, both much smarter than me.
  6. Have been married for 27 years.
  7. Once stole a car completely by accident. No charges were filed.

11 Comments on “Gosh, thanks”

  1. Congratulations on the award. And thanks for thinking of me, I see there are some new blogs for me to check out – which as you say is what these awards are all about. Nothing better in my mind than reading gardening blogs, well apart from actual gardening that it is 😉 I love the last random fact about inadvertently stealing a car 🙂

    • The car can be explained with two facts.
      Fact one: Maroon Plymouth Voyagers were very common in the USA in 2002.
      Fact two: You would be amazed at how often your car key can open the door and even turn the ignition of someone else’s car.
      Okay, and fact three: Sometimes late at night I don’t think very clearly. For instance, I remember thinking, Geez, when did Judy

      hang those fuzzy dice from the rearview mirror?

  2. Jason, Thank you so much for honoring my blog. I enjoyed your 7 random facts, and your explanation for the accidental car theft. I once had a near-miss with a car of the identical model and color parked next to my rental in a parking lot. Fortunately, I noticed the strange stuff on the passenger seat before I actually drove it away. My worst ever job was working as a chambermaid in a seedy motel that was owned by two lecherous brothers and their three equally lecherous sons.
    I never would have guessed from her photos that Judy was the fuzzy dice type :-).

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