We Order Our Bulbs for Fall Planting!

So we have ordered our fall bulbs from Scheeper’s. We ordered 90 tulips for planting in containers. Judy has been pining for luxurious hybrid tulips. I stopped planting the hybrids in the flower beds because their size got in the way of caring for the perennials. I’ve switched mostly to species tulips and grape hyacinth in the perennial beds, but suggested we try growing the hybrids in containers.

Judy picked several varieties of hybrid tulip with a red/yellow color scheme.

Tulip ‘Kingsblood’, one of our choices. Photo: Tulip Gallery.

Tulip ‘West Point’, a second choice. Photo: John Scheeper’s

A third choice: ‘La Courtine’.

I’ve never grown tulips in containers before, but I’ve read it can be done. I’ll store the containers in the garage for most of the winter, and I’ll have to throw the tulip bulbs on the compost pile when they are finished blooming.

I also ordered some 200 crocuses. I love crocuses, but I hate how they are vandalized by squirrels. What is most maddening is how the squirrels sometimes just bite off the flowers. This strikes me as pure rodent malice. I’m told that Crocus tommasinanus is less appealing to squirrels, so I got Crocus tommasinianus ‘Lilac Beauty’.

Crocus tommasinianus ‘Lilac Beauty’. Photo: John Scheeper’s

13 thoughts on “We Order Our Bulbs for Fall Planting!

  1. Oh, I didn’t know that squirrels liked crocuses! I don’t remember ever having a problem with them.

    I actually have fewer squirrel issues here living at the edge of a forest than I did when I lived in the center of a small city! I remember one spring the squirrels did just what you wrote about, except to daffodils. I went out one morning to discover about a dozen daffodil heads bitten off and left on the ground!

    Thanks for the reminder that it’s time to get the fall bulb situation in order! I’m rather reluctant to say good-bye to summer, though!

  2. Ooh – I’ve got a long list of bulbs that I want to get, they include more alliums (Christophii, of course), lilies (Casa Blanca – our recommendation), tulips, crocuses and camassias. No snowdrops though, after I planted 1000 last year, I couldn’t face doing any more!

  3. Evidence of rodent malice: Our squirrels leave our grape and cherry tomatoes alone. When we try to grow full sized tomatoes they pick them when they are almost ripe, take one bite and then leave them in prominent places around the back yard.

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