Preparing for Halloween

One of the nice things about kids in their twenties is that you can trust them with adult responsibilities. For example, carving the Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween. Last night Danny and his girlfriend Kaitlin came over for dinner, after which Danny worked on the pumpkin. Judy and I sat in comfortable chairs, observing and offering constructive criticism.

Pumpkin carving requires both technical skill and inspiration.
Alas, poor Pumpkinhead, I knew him well.
My girlfriend the Pumpkinhead.
The finished product.

Afterwards we ate pumpkin seeds toasted with salt and olive oil.

6 Comments on “Preparing for Halloween

  1. What fun! That’s one mad looking jack-o-lantern! Of course we wouldn’t be too happy either if someone cut open our heads and pulled out the insides. Hope you had a great Halloween!

  2. Wow Jason great pumpkin, I didn’t know you could eat pumpkin seeds, mind you I don’t like eating pumpkin anyway except for soup, your son looks like you a lot. Sorry I haven’t been visiting for a while, have been having a rest.

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