Gardeninacity In The News!

One of the birders who came to see the Varied Thrush in our yard was Jeff Reiter. Jeff writes a birding column for The Daily Herald, the leading newspaper in the Chicago suburbs. Today’s column was about seeing the Varied Thrush, which happened to be the 500th bird species he has watched – an important milestone. He was kind enough to mention and quote from Gardeninacity. The column is here.

Varied Thrush
Varied Thrush

39 Comments on “Gardeninacity In The News!

  1. What a nice honor for you and your Varied Thrush. Cute photo too. I enjoyed the article and having a few rare birds in my own yard, I can appreciate you getting the attention. I know I could publish my address for birders to see the white and golden sparrow family, but did not want people coming to my small yard. I applaud you for doing so. The white sparrow came back too and I saw it with its mate (regular House Sparrow). I hope to see another family this year.

    • I totally understand not wanting strangers peering into your yard. It can sometimes get tiring. It’s one of those personal preference issues. For me, on balance it was better to let the people come.

  2. Awesome :-). Congratulations. You know a very similar type of bird appeared in my backyard. I think I asked you also about it. It’s beak was exactly like that, the body structure but the breast was much more yellowish-brownish (dirty looking color), not like yours. It came, looked at the feeder and went away, never to come again.

  3. Congratulations! How thrilling! That little bird picked just the right place to nest. It really is pretty. I hope it returns to your garden every year!

  4. Wow! Time to start selling those t-shirts!! I do hope this bird appreciates all the attention and returns next year.

  5. Nice mention Jason! The varied thrush has been a great reward for the countless hours of work to make your yard a bird-friendly habitat. (Now please take up the banner against feral cats!)

  6. Jason!!! That is wonderful!!!! How super cool is that! I will jump over and read the article now!

  7. How fun! And it’s a great article, too. Obviously, the birders and the newspaper columnist appreciated your hospitality. I think that varied thrush picked just the right hosts for his winter wanderings!

  8. Great news, Jason! And thanks for the link to Jeff’s column. I may have been vaguely aware of it but now I’ll try to read it more often. It’s funny how the birding community goes and grows. As Jeff Reiter pointed out, the Varied Thrush couldn’t have picked a better backyard to hang out in.

      • I have found birdwatchers/birders to be a generally amicable group, although that could be by association. But I think it’s the birds, and whatever observing them does to make us take leave of ourselves and our problems once we pick up the binoculars. When I got into meditation years ago I thought that if everybody meditated there would be no more wars, but except for the competitiveness of “listers,” I could say the same about birding. 🙂

  9. It’s always nice to be mentioned in print other than the poilice blotter! What a lovely article about your famous guest and your hospitality!

  10. How exciting and what an unusual name for a bird – it sounds like it changes its plumage to suit

  11. A very handsome bird, nothing at all like our song thrush or mistle thrush. I am always surprised how many different varieties of birds go under the same heading on different continents.

  12. Congratulations, Jason. It’s almost like having the queen for tea in your garden :-).

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