Yesterday I was delighted to find my garden’s first crocus blooms of the season! Hurrah! There are quite a few crocus in my garden, but their bloom time varies over a couple of weeks depending on both variety and location – some spots warm up much sooner than others.

Crocus chrysanthus 'Cream Beauty'
Crocus ‘Cream Beauty’ emerges from the dead leaves.


Crocus tommasinianus 'Baar's Purple'
Crocus tommasinianus ‘Barr’s Purple’

The first blooming crocuses of the year were almost all either Crocus chrysanthus ‘Cream Beauty’ or Crocus tommasinianus ‘Barr’s Lilac’. ‘Cream Beauty’ in particular makes a powerful and optimistic statement emerging from the browns and grays that dominate this March.

And there are other signs of life. The Snowdrops (Galanthus) patch has come more fully into its own.

Snowdrops, Galanthus
Snowdrops blooming among the Hydrangea stems.


Snowdrops, Galanthus
Snowdrops and unknown fungus growing on old maple stump.

I’ve counted 40 tulips emerging from the containers where they were planted last fall, out of a total of 90 planted. I’m optimistic about the rest, as we have a mix of early, mid-season, and late varieties. For those of you following my container tulip saga, I’ve moved the containers back out of the garage. At this point I don’t care how cold it gets, I’m not going to lug them back in.

Container tulips
One of the containers planted with tulips. The emerging leaves are dark red.

Tulips, Daffodils, and Virginia Bluebell foliage is emerging from the slowly warming soil. I guess I really do believe that spring has arrived.

Virginia Bluebells
Purple Virginia Bluebell leaves make their appearance.

How about you – are your spring bulbs blooming yet?

Happy spring everyone, and happy Easter/Passover/(insert appropriate holiday here)!


49 Comments on “Crocus!

  1. Hi Jason,

    Things are coming up all over my small garden. A neighbor gave me his old stone bird bath last summer, and today I had to move it about 4 inches to accommodate the daffodils that were struggling to come up just next to and underneath it. Being off four inches isn’t too bad when I had to remember, in the middle of summer, where I had planted them!

    • Our daffodils are coming up as well. In my garden, it’s the small bulbs that tend to come up with the most surprises when they emerge in spring.

  2. You’e so lucky. I live far out in the ‘burbs and still have a lot of snow on the ground. Just a few stems peaking up through the leaves, but blooms are still far away. Here’s hoping the temperatures don’t get as bad this next week as some are predicting. Happy Easter!

  3. Hi Jason,
    I don’t have many bulbs, but it is fun to have some color in the spring. Yes, it is here! My Virginia bluebells clump is up a little more than yours. I am not bragging, it’s just an observation. ;o) I’m thinking it was you who already observed that your plants are about a week behind the ones in my area. Well, who cares! It’s spring!

  4. My crocus either never bloomed this year, or I completely missed them! (The foliage came up!) And thanks for showing the bluebell foliage. I planted some – can’t remember now where, though, – and maybe I won’t weed them out now!

  5. Wonderful! You seem to be catching us up! I’ve had shoots showing for a couple of weeks now, but the cold has kept them from getting any bigger. Happy Spring!

    • Same to you, Cathy! My faith that the weather will warm has been strengthened, so I am sure your flowers will bloom before too long.

  6. Yes, our spring bulbs are blooming now and have been since Christmas! I’m sure they wish they hadn’t started because the last month has been freezing winds and temperatures that have plummeted below zero every day and night. The earth is rock hard so no gardening can be done and everything looks rather burnt by the wind coming straight from Russia.

  7. I had my first crocus blooms just on Friday morning! Lots of new growth out there! “There’s never a winter that does not end; nor does Spring skip its turn!”

  8. Not many crocus here-the squirrels get them. Lots of Iris reticulata and Chionodoxa in the lawn. Could spring finally be sprung?

  9. Hurrah! indeed! I love those shots with the bits of crocus-color splashing up through all the brown leaves. I’ve got some crocus (those winds and rain knocked most of them down), snowdrops, some Hyacinth have begun blooming and some daffodils. I’m even seeing a few tulip buds poking up from their leaves, so I’d better get out the stinky-spray to keep the deer away. But, best of all, the hummingbirds are back!

    • I don’t think we’ll see any hummingbirds for a few weeks. Crocus are so bright and cheerful, they have been a favorite of mine since I was a kid.

  10. First of all, Happy Holidays (whatever they were Easter, Passover, etc) :-). Those yellow crocuses are so lovely. Yes, I think spring is here though at night the temperature is still dropping below freezing. Grrrrr…as that means I still can’t plant tomatoes, pepper, squashes, pumpkins outside.

  11. How lovely. The snow is slowly melting, and in some places I can see a few eranthis and some snowdrops. I have all my tulips in the ground, and they are showing too. Lets hope for spring now. Happy Easter

  12. How exciting. I have things appearing and am now staring at various shoots trying to remember what plants they are!!

  13. Bulbs are on my list for this fall, especially crocus.

    Happy Easter.


  14. Those Barr’s Purple are really pretty. We’ve got some tulips coming up, but no sign of the daffodils I planted last year; I think they might’ve drowned!

  15. Your crocuses are very pretty, reminds me of how badly I need to plant some crocus bulbs for next year!

  16. Love those pretty yellow crocus, a sure sign of spring. No flowers here yet but I’ve seen the odd hint of green this weekend. Spring surely isn’t too far away.

  17. Happy Passover/Easter/Equinox but mostly, Happy SPRING! Once the crocus start, there is something new popping up every day in the garden. Hooray!

  18. Not here yet. I too plant many bulbs, but they are yet to make an appearance. Our weather is getting more agreeable lately though. Nice to see them coming up in your garden.

  19. The crocuses next to the fungus is such a nice contrast. They are all very lovely. And tulips are so welcome this year. I have missed them. 🙂

  20. What an encouraging post (especially since you’re just south of me)! I was visiting the in-laws this weekend and noticed similar little bloomers popping up around the Chicago area. My Daffodils and Crocuses are just about to bloom, too. Joy!

  21. Hello!
    Snowdrops and crocuses are beautiful.
    Other bulbs also have come out of the ground.
    For me, a lot of snow and it is very unpleasant.
    I send greetings.

  22. Hope you had a great Easter Jason! You must be happy to see those bulbs. I’ve been over the moon with my crocuses and irises this year. They came out a few weeks back now. My daffodils are still refusing to flower though but elsewhere in the UK they are in bloom.

  23. Hi Jason, I love purple, yellow and white crocuses but we only have a small handful. I haven’t gotten round to planting more. The patches of snowdrops also look beautiful. I wish ours were as established as yours. Do you have daffodils to add the the spring mix?

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