Foliage Follow-Up: The Fresh New Leaves of April

Folliage Follow Up is sponsored by Pam at Digging. For this month, I can really only offer the new growth now just starting to come in on many perennials. While not dramatic, the fresh green lifts the spirits, and is certainly beautiful in its own way.

So here is a selection.



wild geranium
Wild Geranium


wall iris
Wall Iris


Celandine Poppy


Prairie Smoke
Prairie Smoke




Do you have fresh green growth pushing up through the soil of your garden? Does it make you happy?

45 Comments on “Foliage Follow-Up: The Fresh New Leaves of April

  1. The rising of the peony buds reminds me of my childhood memories! I love peonies. Alas, they don’t grow in San Diego! Here’s a short story I wrote about my childhood.

    Mary Jane Mueller was a wiry woman who wasn’t afraid to get her hands in the dirt. She didn’t have a husband, so I suppose she did much of the work around the house herself, especially work in her garden, which wrapped around her patio. That garden was a mystery to me, full of intrigue. In my earliest years I recall waiting for spring when the plants, who had retreated into the earth for the long Midwest winter, began to sprout. As the days of spring grew longer, I voyaged to that garden to see if the plants had awakened from their sleep. Though Mary Jane’s garden was only next door, to me it seemed like a very long trek. Weaving my way up the gentle hill, through the shrubbery between the yards, I made my way to that magical place.

    I would go the places where, before the snow and cold had come, huge plants, nearly as big as me, with long green and white leaves had grown. I knew they were hiding now, deep inside the earth. I knew they would be coming back soon. I would go there and watch for the purplish-red tips to peak out from the ground. And once those plants began to sprout, I knew it wouldn’t be long before the garden would return. I loved watching them grow into the massive green giants I knew them to be.

    Mary Jane was very generous with me. In the summer, when the garden was in its glory, I would ask her the names of the plants. But I would never remember, so I would return to ask again and again. Mary Jane always told me the names of the plants as if it were the first time I had asked her, with just as much patience and pride as the day before.

    I now see that my early experiences in Mary Jane Mueller’s garden were the seeds of my passion for gardening, which has now become both my vocation and my avocation. It’s funny how certain threads weave their way through life. This morning I ventured out to my vegetable garden to see what seeds I had recently planted were sprouting. The spinach is up now. So are the radishes and scallions. No coriander or carrots yet. I’ll check back tomorrow to see who’s come up from the mysterious earth.

  2. Actually, I think it’s about as dramatic as it gets after such a long winter. And, yes, it makes me happy! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks promising. You are a lucky man, having peonies in your garden. Sadly, I cannot grow them. Are they the fragrant ones? If they are just lie to me and say they are not 😛

  4. Oh yes! I’ve been walking round my garden squealing every time I see another plant appear! The latest shoots are still to be identified as I forget what is where! Does your wild geranium take over if you don’t watch it?

  5. Everyday when I get home from work, I stroll around the garden, looking for new green growth. With the nice weather we are having, you can see the plants taking off now.

  6. Yes, it makes me very happy to see my ‘babies’ popping through the ground and getting new growth! Love the spring greens and new-shoot reds!

  7. So much promise! My buds (now foliage) were different–hosta, Solomon’s seal, ferns–but no less exciting. Hope you’ve turned the corner. I’m going to South Dakota this weekend (for a meeting) and it’s going to be COLD.

  8. I’ve planted out the lupins I germinated last year. They’d been under cold frames all winter, and it does make me happy to see them out!

    • Putting out transplants always gives me a combined feeling of hope, pride, and fear. Kind of like sending your kids off to school for the first time.

    • The wild geraniums, G maculatum, are very easy to grow in my experience. They want some shade though, especially if it is very hot, or they can go dormant.

  9. I just love seeing the red shoots of the peony. I think the peony has some of the most beautiful foliage of almost any plant, during all its phases. You have an impressive clump of daylilies, too!

  10. Lot of greens everywhere. What zone Chicago is? I wonder if people in Florida laugh at us because they will be having greens throughout the year. Sigh!

  11. Hello!
    come spring. in the Garden of getting more work.
    I really enjoy gardening …
    In brief, we will enjoy the beautiful flowers.

  12. After this current storm passes through Colorado, there will be more green, and it will be joyous! For now, I’m nervous for everything that has poked on up.

  13. Isn’t it wonderful to see everything coming up out of the ground, like revisiting old friends!

  14. Plenty of wonderful “happenings” in your garden! 🙂 We’re still under snow here…it has melted a bit, but more is on the way. I will be over the moon when my garden finally gets going!

  15. There are daylilies sprouts in your garden, Jason! So fast the time is going in spring. Nice photos!

  16. I want prairie smoke. Someday. Isn’t it exciting to see all the new growth popping up? I’ll be covering mine this evening. Just the more tender ones.

  17. It is so good to see shoots, that I don’t care what plant they are. Each day I look to see what else is coming up.


  18. That new growth must be a sight for sore eyes after a cold winter. You’ll be busting out in flowers soon, but yay for fresh spring greenery in the meantime.

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