In The Land Of Sunshine

So, Judy and I have been reunited here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Yesterday I arrived and noticed at once that it wasn’t raining. The weather, in fact, has been just beautiful.

San Francisco Bay
View of the Bay from North Berkeley.

Wednesday night we stayed in Berkeley with our friend Margy and her faithful companion, Teddy The Dog With The Plastic Collar.


We all took Teddy for a walk and I noticed something else: I had  no idea what many of the plants were. When it comes to gardens, California is a different country.

California flowers.
What is this flower? Beats me.

Not that this is a bad thing. I loved the Bougainvillea, the Jacaranda trees, and above all the jasmine with its almost overpowering sweet scent.

Passion Flower
Passion Flower, I think

The following day, after a leisurely morning and lunch, we took the BART into San Francisco and checked into our hotel.

After some rest, we were whisked by bus, along with other Fling attendees, to a reception at the Alameda home of Shirley Watts. We got to poke around her unique and beautiful garden while eating tamales and drinking beer and wine.

back garden shirley watts

This pergola is topped with a large mound of wisteria.

pergola 2

Every garden needs a chandelier.

Garden Chandelier

A very unusual water fountain.


Tomorrow we will have a busy day including a visit to Annie’s Annuals and the Matt Gill Sculpture Garden.


26 Comments on “In The Land Of Sunshine

  1. Jacaranda trees, Jasmine, beer and wine.. sounds like you are getting the Cali vibe 🙂 if you make it to my parts, you guys are welcome to drop by and soak up some SoCal 🙂

    • Thanks! I do have an old friend in LA and visited him last year. I would love to get back there. Don’t know if I will ever really have the Cali vibe but would be great to meet you and see your garden.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful trip you guys are having! I’m impressed by that black eyed white flower and the jacaranda trees… but most of all I feel like tamales and chilly beer…
    Looking forward to seeing your post about Annie’s annuals.

    • The tamales were very good, especially the chicken. The beer was also good. Either next post or one after that will be about Annie’s Annuals.

  3. Seems like you are having a fab time :-). If you have not done it yet, please visit the Muir Wood Park in SF and any Eucalyptus forest in CA — mind blowing. Yes, that’s a gardener’s paradise place, I think.

  4. Oh I miss the Bay area, I used to visit East Bay area every year when my parents were still alive. The vegetation is just beautiful. I love the juniper and the succulents, the ice plant…I miss the California Jays and the Mockingbirds too. Guess I have to think about visiting some friends… Great photos.

      • No, you’re right, that never happens. My dad went out there to retire. To complicate matters I spent a couple years in Southern California around ’69/’70. I never thought I’d get over leaving the Pacific ocean, but you literally cannot eat the sunshine. 🙂

  5. Jason,
    glad you see sunshine every day! I didn’t know that ‘every garden needs a chandelier’, so I will try to get it for mine. Can’t wait to see the sculpture park.
    Have a nice weekend!

    • As you can see, the garden was very interesting. I had a chance to talk to the designer, learned her feelings about Jasmine and Wisteria (negative in both cases).

  6. The flower posted under Teddy-the-plastic-collar-wonder-dog is Dietes bicolor, a.k.a. peacock flower, bicolor iris, evergreen iris, spanish iris or african iris.
    I’m so glad you got a picture of the wall at Shirely’s garden, the garden theme was so intriguing there…

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