We’re Leaving, On A Jet Plane

At this moment I am taking a brake from madly running around the house preparing to head out to the airport.  Thanks in part to her bountiful frequent flyer miles, Judy and I are flying to Paris tonight. We will be in France and England for two weeks: in and around Paris, in Amboise in the Loire Valley, then London and environs.

Giverny grand allee.
Judy’s picture of Monet’s Grand Allee in April. Can’t wait to see it in September!

We will see some famous gardens, including Giverny, Sissinghurst, and Great Dixter. We will see some other stuff, too. We will be visiting a high school pal of Judy’s now living outside London. This is our first trip to England, but we did fall in love with Giverny in April a couple of years ago. Now we are eager to see it in September.

The lower garden at Giverny, another of Judy’s pictures from 2011.

I’m thinking I will write a couple of posts while on vacation – mostly photographs of what we’ve been seeing. However, I won’t be posting comments on other blogs or responding to comments on my own. I will try to catch up with you all when I return.

Take care.

32 Comments on “We’re Leaving, On A Jet Plane

  1. Sissinghurst is my all time favourite garden…everything about the garden ,Vita ,her life …it’s what has inspired me for 30 years..

  2. Have a wonderful vacation! I am totally jealous of your visits to these famous gardens. I am looking forward to seeing photos!

  3. Amazing, I might see you at Sissinghurst, I’ll be there too in a couple of weeks time. Have a great holiday. I envy you Giverny!

  4. Have a brilliant time Jason and be sure to get in touch again if you need any advice when in the UK! I am planning on doing my Sissinghurst post next especially for you to see!! It seems I’m too late, but you’ll see it for yourself soon anyway and I hope you love it as much as I did. Have fun! Bon Voyage 🙂

  5. Jason! You and Judy have an excellent trip. Try and sneek a peek over the fences and gates of some private gardens (Judy w/camera) of the everyday sort of gardener. The others all have their own flash mobs of followers!

  6. Wish you both a wonderful holiday! How I envy you going to see those gorgeous gardens…. One day I hope to get there too, but in the meantime I look forward to seeing some of your photos. Have a safe trip!

  7. I really want to ‘like’ this post multiple times! I’m excited for you and hope you have a great vacation. Can’t wait to see the pictures. Bon voyage!

  8. That’s awesome! Have a great trip sir! Looking forward to your next post and pics. =)

  9. Have a great vacation, and say “hi” to my daughter. She was in Paris through most of August and loved it! Now she’s in London, studying for the fall semester. We’ll be visiting in October. I hope to take in a couple of gardens, too, although the main goal will be to see her and check out London landmarks. Enjoy, and maybe you can give me some suggestions when you get back! Cheers!

  10. How awesome Jason!!!! This sounds like an outstanding trip!! And OHHH you get to see Great Dixter!!!! What I would do to see that garden! Enjoy every second of your adventure!!!!

  11. Have a fab time. I still havent been to Great Dixter so will be scrutinising your pictures.

  12. Ooh, I am so jealous! All of these places are on my “bucket list.” Have a wonderful trip, Jason! And I do hope you’ll post lots of photos of what you’ve seen–looking forward to seeing all of them.

  13. I´m just a litte envious. I would love to see the great gardens in England and also Paris. Post lots of beautiful pictures from both countries.

  14. Hi Jason! I’ve never been to Giverny but I’ve browsed so many times a book about Monet’s garden that I guess I know every single blade of grass of that garden… When will you come to Venice, too? 😉 Have a nice trip.

  15. Awesome! have a great time there and will be waiting to see your photos — gardens in France and London will be spectacular now.

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