Chicago’s Lurie Garden in Late October

The Lurie Garden is dramatically beautiful right now, and an excellent vantage spot from which to view the lakefront skyline.

Lurie Garden
The Chicago skyline viewed from across the Lurie Garden.

Judy took a walk this afternoon during a break from the work day, and snapped these pictures with her cell phone. 

Lurie Garden

Grasses and foliage provide a tapestry of gold, tan, green, brown, red, and yellow. The contrast with the skyline is exciting, almost startling.

Lurie Garden

This is also one of the few spots where you can see some dramatic fall foliage in downtown Chicago. Those red leaves belong to sugar maples, I believe.

Lurie Garden

The flowers are no longer, but Lurie Garden is still a wonderful place to walk. People who work or live in downtown Chicago should go see it at least once more before everything is frozen, then covered with white.

Lurie Garden
Rattlesnake Master seedheads and Russian Sage in the Lurie Garden.

What gardens if any do you enjoy in October?

46 Comments on “Chicago’s Lurie Garden in Late October

  1. I’ve never been to Chicago, but the grassy meadow look seems just right for it to me. That’s a lovely open space: kudos to whomever is responsible for the Lurie Garden!

    • Well, it was designed and implemented by Piet Oudolf, Robert Israel, and the landscape architects Gustafson Guthrie Nichol (at first I thought this was a single person). There are many, many things I dislike intensely about our last mayor (Richard Daley #2), but this was one thing he did that was really good for the city.

  2. Brings back some great memories of when I spent a week working in Chicago. I was lucky enough to stay downtown and spend a weekend there. Such an amazing city. I was very taken with all the art and greenery.

    • Chicago is a great city to visit, you should try to come out here again! Let me know if you do! (After the new bean is settled, of course.)

  3. We were down visiting Millennium Park last year and didn’t even know this existed until we stumbled into it. So beautiful and such a hidden treasure. Now we try to visit the gardens when we are in the area.

  4. Amazing garden in a city. The color are wonderful, Jason. I love Judy’s next to last photo with red maple leaves. I think Chicago is beautiful city!

  5. Hey Jason,
    Love the juxtaposition of the prairie and the modern architecture. So appropriate for Chicago. Thanks, Judy. BTW, wouldn’t you love to see the Highline in NYC?

  6. Fab planting – wish I could go and see it some day! At present I’m enjoying my own garden which is beautiful, I think, but I also get to see lots of gardens while out shooting for my work.

  7. Great photos – this is the way to capture the whole thing. Today was sunny in Lurie and there were even a few nectar-hungry insects feeding off the last flowers. I love these colors too.

    • What’s also gorgeous is when thousands of Salvia bloom in ealry summer. The skyline does make an amazing backdrop to the garden. Talk about a borrowed view!

  8. Goodness are those shots AMAZING!! The large swatches of color just make me sing!!! It is ridiculous that I have not been down to see this garden…putting it on my list! Happy weekend to you Jason!

  9. I agree with Patrick. it is a great juxtaposition of opposites. Do they cut the foliage down or let it through winter? It would be a winter wonderland with all that texture if the wind does not flatten it all.

    • That’s a good question, so I checked their website. Turns out they leave plants up over winter, and the plant palette was selected with winter interest in mind. Now I need to remember to walk and see the garden on mild winter days.

  10. I bet it’s quite the wildlife oasis! Any idea how they manage to cut everything back? It seems like it would be an almost overwhelming task unless a mower was possible.

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