First Frost

Well, maybe not the very first. But it was the first that was really noticeable around here. The nights have been abnormally mild so far this autumn, so there hasn’t been much in the way of frosty morns.

Catmint 'Kit Kat'
Frost on the ‘Kit Kat’ Catmint (Nepeta x faassenii)

Judy took these pictures with her phone before leaving for work Friday morning. This week we finally had some cold with a bit of a bite. It’s not that I want bitterly cold weather, but as a Chicagoan I find it disorienting to have such a mild November.

Wild Geranium
Frost on Wild Geranium (Geranium maculatum)

Morning frosts don’t exactly make me happy, but at this time of year they give me a feeling of reassurance and normality. Anyhow, here’s some wild strawberry (Fragaria virginiana).

Wild strawberry

A touch of frost on a Bee Balm (Monarda didyma) seedhead, with the ever photogenic ‘Northwind’ switchgrass in the background (Panicum virgatum).

Monarda didyma, Switchgrass 'Northwind'

Oh, and frost on the windshield. Now, I must confess that one of the things I hate most in winter is scraping snow and ice off of my car windshield in the morning. For some reason this bothers me more than shoveling  the driveway. Go figure.

frost on windshield

Here’s a view of our street. Many leaves have fallen, but I prefer to wait until more of the branches are bare before starting my leaf raking.

leaves on the sidewalk

Have you experienced many frosts yet?

51 Comments on “First Frost

  1. We haven’t had any frost yet… also a bit strange. I love seeing the morning frosts on the plants, and on cobwebs and grass too.

    • Takes more than a frost or two to keep a gardener out of the garden. However, here we are a good month past our normal first frost date and there is not a great deal left to do in the garden. In three weeks or so the ground will be frozen.

  2. Only a couple of frost mornings. We have also had an unusually warm fall. Luckily my car is in a garage. I also hate frost on the windshield 🙂

  3. Love frost photos – beautiful. Yes, we’ve had many frosts because the temps have gone down into the low 20’s. We’ve even had some snow in the higher elevations. Winter is here.

  4. Many light frosts which have had the affect of one killing one. I too am waiting for more leaves to fall before executing the final mow of the season. The wind is helping.

  5. One of the things I don’t miss about moving south (and having a garage) is scraping ice off the windshield in the morning. If it’s any consolation, the weather “experts” are predicting a cold winter across the country.

  6. I’m with you about the frost on the windshield. Especially because it’s usually on the inside and I have to wait for the car to warm up. But I was encouraged to see the water still liquid in my birdbaths. That means the electrical outlets I plugged them into are still working. First time I’ve planted carrots: I have to dig up the rest of them now or never. …Great shots with the cell phone again.

  7. After just 6 1/2 years here in the NW, I’m still loving those first frosty leaves. And Judy’s shots are beautiful. They seem like such a gentle way to ease us into winter. It’s been slow to come here too. We had a couple of nights below freezing, but lately the clouds and the rain have kept the temps above 36F. But the cats are less eager to go outside, preferring to sprawl across the heating vents.

  8. I spray the car window now, scraping drives me mad and freezes my hands.Lovely frosty pics and a great shot of the fallen leaves.xxxx

  9. Just a few light frosts, only to be noticed on rooftops and car windshields. I, like you, would rather shovel snow than scrape the windshield. I suppose it’s because I always forget to allow time for it, then I’m running late for work.

    Pretty frost pix, Judy! She was taking pix while you, ever gallant, were scraping her windshield… right?

  10. Enjoyed your frost photos. We had our 2nd frost yesterday morning but couldn’t get out in time with the camera. Really notice the changing season now along your street–beautiful leaves although they bring work.

  11. The shot of your street is so beautiful! And yes this November is a bit odd…I too wish for a bit of cold to keep things in check minus the scraping of car windows of course! Snow tomorrow I hear??? You take care Jason!

  12. Jack Frost is taking his time in appearing in CT. We’ve had a few light frosts but nothing remarkable, and the leaves are still falling. I’ve begun to cut back the perennials – not my favorite task! What a lovely street you live on! And the golden leaves look pretty! It’s when they curl up and turn brown that I get busy.

    • The leaves on the ground in our back garden are doing just that right now – curling up and turning brown. Suddenly autumn is moving fast. Next weekend I will have to get busy raking.

  13. There’s something so appealing about the first frost in the garden–great photos! We had our first frost several weeks ago, which seems strange since I’m south of you, but being out in wide open spaces as I am makes a difference. One advantage to that is if I’m lucky, most of my leaves will blow far away:) I hate scraping windshields, too!

    • It’s hard to figure the weather patterns in this state, as I have seen since I travel frequently from northern to central Illinois and back. We are about four miles from Lake Michigan and I think that makes a difference.

    • We have a garage built in the 1930s and it is too small for contemporary cars, especially as I use it as a kind of oversized tool and storage shed.

  14. No frost here in the lowlands yet but a little higher up they had a light frost. Some years we don’t get a truly heavy frost until after Thanksgiving.

  15. I know the frost is probably a big hassle, but it looks really pretty from the pictures! There is something nice about getting the 4 seasons. We don’t get much of a winter out here.

  16. Blech. Frosted windshields. I’m also a hater and they might be the one thing that motivates me to clean out the garage in order to fit the car in there!

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