Chateau de Nazelles: Our Home Was Our Castle

In order to ignore the fact that it is dang cold out, I’d say it’s time for some more reminiscences from our September trip to France. After Chartres we spent several days in the Loire Valley. We stayed at a bed and breakfast called Chateau de Nazelles, a castle built in 1518, and less than two miles from the town of Amboise.

Chateau de Nazelles, Loire Valley, Amboise
The courtyard at Chateau de Nazelles

Aside from being a nice place to stay, we found Chateau de Nazelles (an officially designated historic monument) to be a worthwhile destination in itself. The owners, Olivier and Veronique Fructus, told us that restoring the sprawling Chateau has been a work in progress for the last thirty years.

Chateau de Nazelles, Loire Valley, Amboise
Entrance to the courtyard from the road.

Chateau de Nazelles is built near the top of a hill overlooking the valley. I suppose this was to make the castle easier to defend, but today the location makes for some really nice views.

Chateau de Nazelles, Loire Valley, Nazelles
View of the Chateau and the valley beyond from the upper garden.
Chateau de Nazelles, Loire Valley, Amboise
View from our room.

There are also extensive gardens, filled with hedges, flowers, and comfortable nooks. The Fructus family grow fresh flowers for the Chateau from their own cutting garden.

Chateau de Nazelles, Loire Valley, Amboise

Chateau de Nazelles, Loire Valley, Amboise

Chateau de Nazellse, Loire Valley, Amboise
Penstemon and Obedient Plant at the garden of Chateau de Nazelles.

2013-09-07 05.41.44

You can easily spend a couple of hours exploring the grounds, which are filled with mysterious stairways and archways. The walls are covered with many vines, including Wisteria, Trumpet Creeper, and Boston Ivy.

Chateau de Nazelles, Loire Valley, Amboise

Chateau de Nazellse, Loire Valley, Amboise

Here is the entrance to the breakfast room. They provide a delicious breakfast, featuring local bread, cheese, fruit, and yogurt. At breakfast the owners make an effort to talk to you about your plans and offer helpful suggestions. Chateau de Nazelles is very well situated to be a base for exploring the Loire.

Chateau de Nazelles, Loire Valley, Amboise
Entrance to the breakfast room.


For the few days we stayed there, Judy and I could honestly say that our home was our castle.

43 Comments on “Chateau de Nazelles: Our Home Was Our Castle

  1. Oh my goodness!!!! Is this gorgeous! I have no words except for I want to be there…instead of here!!! Such a magical looking place! I am bookmarking this for the future! Thanks Jason!

    • I hope you and your husband get to go. Judy and I found this to be the kind of trip you go on after the kids are done with high school.

  2. What a lovely place to stay, I’m bookmarking this as we’re thinking of going to France next year for a holiday and this looks a great base.

  3. Lovely castle you have there! The gardens look quite lush. I have been in Amboise once as a teenager (many years ago) and only remember the Chateau -kind of. Perhaps it is time to return.

  4. What an amazingly beautiful place, I just loved all those hedges, how wonderful it must be to actually live there.xxxx

    • They probably have some help in the garden but do a lot themselves. They did not seem like wealthy people, and the chateau is still something of a fixer upper (did you see the roof?). Which did detract from our stay.

  5. What an exquisite spot! You have lots of wonderful pix of this castle, thanks for sharing them (and transporting yourself back to warmer weather at the same time).

  6. Oh this is so beautiful Jason, how lucky you were to be able to visit. I can just imagine myself living here. Simply gorgeous house and grounds. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful photos.

  7. Beautiful house and castle, Jason! I’d like to live high on a hill and see this valley, so large and pretty. I love the view from your room window and I think this castle is a right place to stay and to visit Loire castles!

  8. 30 year work in progress? What a relief! I still have about 25 years to bring my own chateau up to par….. unfortunately at my pace I may fall short in the end. Beautiful place and a great spot to start and end your day from, thanks for the tour!

  9. I would love to live in an actual castle with majestic furnishings and lush gardens. This is beautiful – I wish I was there!

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