Our Paperwhite Narcissus is Blooming!

And the timing was excellent. They bloomed just in time for Judy’s return from a week-long trip. She was worried they would already be faded by the time she was back.

Paperwhite Narcissus
Paperwhite Narcissus. Took this with my cell phone this morning.

Of course, she pointed out that I had failed to water the Narcissus as she had requested. They seem to  have survived my neglect just fine, but I apologized anyway.

I am just not an indoor plant person. It may appear that I obsess over every plant in our garden. I can hear these outdoor plants calling out – water me! deadhead me! Indoor plants must speak in a frequency that my ears cannot recognize.

Though it must be said that Paperwhites are very cheering during these dreary days of January. We also have an Amaryllis that just refuses to do much of anything. We planted it at the same time as the Narcissus but it barely shows any growth. I wonder if something is wrong with the bulb.

Are you growing Paperwhites this winter?

37 Comments on “Our Paperwhite Narcissus is Blooming!

  1. Sorry Jason but find the scent overpowering in my 164 square foot nursing home room. Am trying forcing my first round of five hyacinths in my favorite cobalt blue forcing vases with plans to distribute around the public spaces but always have found PWs a little heady. Growing up in Sydney, the fragrance I adored was the white and pink flowered jasmine but am no longer the high-powered GE exec who could afford those from WFF. So now must just ogle their images. Have you had the pleasure of experiencing them in full bloom, my learned friend?

    • It’s so strange. Judy likes the smell of the PW and I barely notice it. i’ve had a chance to smell jasmine only when visiting southern gardens. It is delicious.

  2. They are stunning. I’m with you on the indoor plant thing. For some reason the only time I can pay attention to them is in the Winter. The other times of the year they suffer my neglect or get given away.

  3. I love paperwhites but this year I have only a red amaryllis, a gift from my son. It’s growing gangbusters but not yet in bloom – soon, though!

  4. They are beautiful but that smell! I can’t stand it. Some people love it. Do we all perceive smell differently or do some Paperwhites smell lovely and others rank? I would love to know what other people think.

    • I barely notice the smell. If I stick my nose right into the flower, it smells faintly like kerosene. Judy really likes the fragrance.

  5. I am also not an indoor plant person, but I do always have an amaryllis in the winter… this year’s had 9 blooms on it and I just cut the last one to stop the plant from toppling over! The paperwhites are really pretty and I would love to try them, but don’t they have a rather strong scent?

  6. the one time i bought a paperwhite bulb it was INFESTED with mites that took off all over the counter when i opened it. turned me off COMPLETELY!!
    Amaryllis can be tricky. i’ve had great luck with some and shit luck with others, namely the one staring back at me know that only sent its bloomspike halfway up and ground to an unopened halt!

  7. I enjoy the look of paperwhites, too, but in other people’s houses! Chloris, I find the smell a bit noxious, too. I’ve found some people do not like the smell of Oriental lilies either. I think there is something to the differing perceptions comment.

    • Hey, what have you done to your website? Anyhow, I get that some might not like the fragrance of Paperwhites but how could anyone not like Oriental Lilies?

  8. The Paperwhites are gorgeous. I always kick myself at this time of year for not getting around to forcing bulbs, but already I’m hearing the garden calling me outdoors.

  9. No paperwhites, but yellow tulips just opening now. I am the opposite than you. It is the outside plants fending for themselves for the most part and the indoor plants get the tender care. I think it is because they have it tougher indoors, especially in fear of the two cats.

  10. Is this a personality type? I’m also an outdoor plant person, the ones indoors run all kinds of risks with drought and neglect that just seem to kill more than would seem possible.
    The paperwhites look great, but they’re something I never plant…. maybe it’s the disposable part that puts me off. Amaryllis I do like. Give yours some more time and it should wake up soon. The dutch ones usually don’t bloom until late winter.

  11. I must say I’m an outdoor and indoor plant person. In the winter I focus on my indoor plants and I’m always trying to winter over some things from the garden that are not hardy in my zone but were too beautiful to let the frost nab. Right now I have a bougainvillea and coleus in my sunny room and then a variety of indoor plants that stay inside most of the year. For the winter season I always have amaryllis but must say although I like paper whites the smell is too strong for me too. They are pretty tho!

  12. I have a few indoor plants, but like you, tend to neglect them. Unfortunately, one of them is my Meyer lemon, which looks particularly sad right now. I will repot it and then it will bloom and that scent is heavenly.

    • I’ve always wanted to smell the scent of citrus blossoms but whenever I’ve been in the right part of the world it’s been at the wrong time.

  13. I had to give up indoor plants when I got birds, they demolished them. I used to have somewhat of an indoor jungle, but now I can’t even imagine it. The narcissus is quite lovely, and very cheery. I do grow sprouts every week for the birds and it’s always nice to see them poking up their green little heads ( 🙂 ). And I have a couple plants at work that seem to thrive on a little water and neglect…

      • Birds inside, outside, they’re everywhere. It’s (obviously) a long story, but it’s more like I’m inside with them than the other way around. (!)

  14. I think it’s a lovely idea to grow them indoors, I tend to grow mine in the greenhouse. I can see why they could enliven the winter for sure. Most of my houseplants tend to be cactus so can cope with a little neglect.xxx

    • I would surely force bulbs in a greenhouse if we had one, it would be sweet to have one to putter around in during the winter months.

  15. I used to grow a lot of paperwhites. I’d start a new batch every 2 or 3 weeks so they’d bloom a little longer. It’s surprising how many people absolutely hate paperwhites because of what they call their “overwhelming fragrance.” It can be a little intense in a small room, but I always liked it.
    Amaryllis prefer warm and sunny and paperwhites cool and sunny, so if you have them side by side and the paperwhites are doing well that could be a problem for the amaryllis.

    • It’s odd, but the fragrance of Paperwhites does not smell at all strong to me. I appreciate your point about the Amaryllis preferring warmer temps, I think I’ll try moving ours from the porch to the dining room.

  16. I love paperwhites, but didn’t force any this year. I still have an amaryllis leftover from 2012, but it doesn’t look as if it will ever rebloom. I’ll hang onto it, though – the leaves are still green. It will go outside again this summer.

  17. No, but it is such a beautiful flower that I will put it on the list for next winter. They certainly cheer up the room 🙂

  18. Such spirit-lifting blossoms in mid winter. My first batch came & went, just started the second group. I do have some forced hyacinth bulbs blooming at the moment. Another sweet garden fragrance for the winter home. Have you tried them? You have to chill the bulbs in the fridge for 8 weeks or so before forcing, but worth the effort.

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