Amaryllis Hostage Crisis: the Final Chapter

Well, the Amaryllis made its desperate Leap to Freedom one too many times. Even with the shoelaces, stake, and skewers holding it back, we still found it lying on the table the other morning. Finally Judy rummaged around and found a tall pitcher we have not used in a long time (a wedding present, actually).

amaryllis unbound

That pitcher has made a nice new home for the Amaryllis, a home where it is not subject to being strung up with shoelaces. Of course, we had to remove the stems from the bulb, but so far the Amaryllis seems perfectly content as a cut flower.

Now that the hostage crisis is over, I’ve been looking more closely at the Amaryllis flowers. At the risk of being labeled a chronic complainer (the label would be accurate), I have to say this: I’m not really so crazy about this Amaryllis. I think I’d prefer the kind we usually get, which is a big single bright red one.

If it’s not one thing, its another.

26 Comments on “Amaryllis Hostage Crisis: the Final Chapter

  1. There you are then, I told you to cut them and put them in a vase.
    I’ m glad you released them from the shoelaces which is never a good look for Amaryllis or Hippeastrum as we pedants call them.

  2. Anyone remember Roseann Roseannadanna? As she used to say, “It’s always something!”

  3. I think I agree with you, that double white doesn’t look so good; often happens, singles are best, for flowers anyway……..

  4. You should still let the leaves get plenty of sun until they wither off. That way the bulb will have enough energy to give it another go next fall. I used to just set them outside under a tree when it warmed up.

  5. Ha…so true! I was just telling my husband that! As for your hostage situation it looks like this is the perfect solution! Beautiful blooms by the way!

  6. Alas, what a dramatic end to a promising beginning. Only goes to show what happens if you’re too headstrong 😉

  7. Were you able to solve the problem why it was trying to commit suicide? Perhaps less light?

    • I’ve got to think it was the weeks spent in the back porch – so the problem seemed to be more about the cold than the light.

  8. I can’t ever say I’ve seen the double whites before…they flowers are pretty, but I agree with you, I like the single blooms a bit better. And the red ones are particularly lovely.

  9. Been there, done that….. But you throw them on the compost afterwards! Argh! If I were closer I’d sneak over the fence at night for a rescue 🙂 but I’m a confirmed bulb hoarder so not a good role model in general.
    Yeah, I never really warmed up to double amaryllis, but a pure white single is a different story!

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