Book Review: Weeds Find A Way

Weeds Find a Way is a different kind of nature book for kids ages 4-8. You might wonder why I am writing a review of a kids’ book, as it has been many years since I’ve had kids in the house.

weeds find a way

Well, for one thing, I was offered a copy. But for another, reading aloud was an important part of the day when my kids were little, up until the time each of them turned around 12, at which point they got distinctly squirmy. And I think I often enjoyed the books we read as much as they did.

Never too early to introduce your child to books. This is Danny at about 8 months.
Never too early to introduce your child to books. This is Danny at about 8 months.

In terms of books about the natural world, I remember reading aloud about whales, wolves, lizards, bats, and dinosaurs – LOTS of dinosaurs. We had two boys, you see.

What I like about Weeds Find a Way is that it engages children about a part of the natural world they have direct contact with on a daily basis. Namely, weeds. Growing up in an urban or suburban space, few kids are going to see a wolf – but they are almost certain to see, and be intrigued by, a dandelion. Plus you can pick dandelions and other weeds and no one will yell at you.

The text, by Cindy Jensen-Elliot, talks about the adaptations that make weeds what they are. The writing is accessible to the target age group, but engaging and informative. There is also a section that would enable a parent to talk to children about weeds they may have seen together, either on a hike or playing on the lawn.

Reading this book made me go back and look at one of our old photo albums. This is my mother reading to Danny late in 1987.
Reading this book made me go back and look at one of our old photo albums. This is my mother reading to Danny at about one year old (1988).

The illustrations, by Carolyn Fisher, are colorful, energetic, and absorbing.

26 Comments on “Book Review: Weeds Find A Way

  1. Bookmarking this one Jason!!! I always love to find new books for the beans and this one will fit right into our nature book collection! Oh and those pictures of your little guy are precious! Just so heart warming! And yes it is never to early to introduce them to books! Happy week to you! Nicole

  2. I think Caitlin (3) will like this one; she is a reader like your little Danny. I hope he didn’t have to listen to Max Weber until he was at least 6, though!

  3. I have good memories of reading to my kids as well. I even kept some of their favorite books to read to my grandkids. I will definitely look for this one!

    • Their rooms are still full of children’s books, plus we must have a couple of boxes full in the garage. Judy won’t let me throw any of them away.

  4. I just received a free copy of this book, too. I thought it was cute and educational at the same time; can’t wait to see what the little grandsons think of it. The photo of your son with his grandma is precious!

  5. Loved this post Jason. I just put a hold on a library copy. I see the recommended age range is 4-8 yrs, so I’ll be testing the “never too early to read on our 5-month old granddaughter.

  6. If it engages children about part of the natural world it can only be good. Sadly, many children seem to be cut off from the natural world.

  7. Reblogged this on Nature Explorer and commented:
    I appreciate this lovely review of Weeds Find a Way — particularly the comment that few kids will actually experience nature by seeing a wolf, but all will experience nature through a dandelion. So true!

    • I didn’t realize you were a librarian. Librarians, I think, are among the blessed of the earth, or at least they should be.

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