VS Day (Victory over Snow)

I am pleased to announce that today is officially VS Day (Victory over Snow). The white stuff seems to be melting irreversibly now, and while spring is not yet fully established, winter’s day is done.

dig on for victory

On Wednesday I had to drive down to Springfield, 200 miles south of Chicago, and I won’t be back until Friday. When I left Chicago it was actually raining, which should speed the snow melt along. Here in Springfield (and no, this is not where the Simpsons live) there is no snow at all. I’m going  back to Chicago tomorrow, and hope to find little to no cold white stuff on the ground.

stewart victory

In fact, I am already excited about actually getting out and working in the garden this weekend. The ground will be frozen, sure, but there is plenty to do. I have to prune the roses, clematis, and honeysuckle.  Oh, and I have to start on clearing plant debris, which in my garden is an enormous job. I am giddy with excitement.

Plus, when I left I noticed little crocus leaves poking up through the ground, and I am keenly anticipating the sight of the first crocus flowers.


I do worry about a cold spring. On this point, the Illinois State Climatologist has a mixed message. On the one hand, severe winters in the past have generally been followed by fairly normal growing seasons. On the other hand, for 2014 they are reporting an increased likelihood of cooler than normal temperatures for April through June. In other words, it’s too soon to tell.

Kiss Photo 2

But there will be plenty of time to fret over the possibility of a cold spring. For now, let us savour the victory.

34 Comments on “VS Day (Victory over Snow)

  1. I am so happy for you. Be careful that you don´t overdo the garden work. You know our bodies are weak after the winter 🙂 Just kidding. Nothing better than feeling used after a satisfying day in the garden.

    • Well, I just got home, and I have to say there is a bit more snow still than I had hoped for. Still a big improvement, though.

  2. Love your VS post and photos and wish you a happy clean up. I’d still have to shovel feet of snow to get to the ground, we got snow yesterday and there’s more forecasted. So, maybe I’ll grab my rake and head over to help you. 🙂

  3. I do hope Spring really is coming your way. It’s taken its time. I know what you mean about getting excited. I am the same. I’m out there every hour of daylight and getting absolutely exhausted at the moment. And I’m enjoying every minute of it.

  4. Enough already with the winter! We are also taking a few steps forward then a few steps backward here in Raleigh. But compared with you, I can’t complain. We have daffodils and even my early tulips. It’s about time.

  5. Oh I am so relieved to hear winters’ grip is fading, I do hope you get a warm spring, we had a cold spring last year and it was horrible.xxx

  6. It’s been a hard-earned victory. Hope that lithe crocus is smiling at you when you return. Enjoy your gardening weekend.

  7. I’m happy that your area has now been victorious in overcoming winter’s wrath. Unfortunately our orchard here in New Hampshire still has about a foot of snow on the ground.

  8. I have a feeling that this spring will be as unusual as the past year(s) has been. Glad to see the snow gone, but I’m left with some very muddy ground. Not sure I ca accomplish much without wrecking things even more.

  9. Snow is starting to melt here as well, but tomorrow snow is predicted. I finally saw the Hellebores and they have buds. The ground is still frozen in a layer of ice so it looks like we are going to be waiting a while longer. Much deep ice in the river, and that makes our area have a much later spring than most places.

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