Up and Away

Judy took this series of photos of bees on the Tithonia. Here are three I particularly like.

2014-07-04 16.28.06 bee on Tithonia


One thing about this picture is that it shows very clearly what a composite flower is. What looks like one flower is really a bundle of flowers – you can even see the tiny pistils in each.

Commencing takeoff!
Commencing takeoff!


And away we go!
And away we go!

So today I arrived in Portland, Oregon, to attend the Garden Bloggers’ Fling. Looks like the organizers have done an outstanding job with the itinerary they’ve put together, which includes public gardens as well as some private gardens I’ve wanted to see in person for a long time. I may post a picture or two but I don’t think I’ll be doing any full posts until next week. I’m going to try to hoard my photos until there isn’t much happening in the garden.

Unfortunately, Judy doesn’t arrive until Friday night so I will have to take all the pictures until then, so there will be a temporary decline in the quality of photographs.

Enjoy your weekend!



15 Comments on “Up and Away

  1. Great images Judy; have a great time at the fling maybe one year I’ll come too; have a wonderful time and I look forward to your reports.

  2. The color of the Tithonia is striking. Have fun at the fling. I have been watching the planning through FB and you’re sure to enjoy.

  3. Isn’ t that Tithonia called ‘ The Torch’? What an appropriate name for it. As usual wonderful photos. Inspired by the photos on yours and other blogs with great photos I have bought a new camera. But it is a bit scary wondering if I will be able to master all it can do. I wish I could borrow Judy for a week’ s tutorial.
    Have a great fling. It sounds like fun.

  4. Wow, beautiful pictures. While you are away and busy maybe now I have time to get caught up with all your posts. I never knew there was a Garden Bloggers’ Fling. Have fun!

  5. I shall look forward to whatever photos you show us Jason, and wish you a great time. Love the photos of the bee on your tithonia, which is a gorgeous colour. These flings sound like a brilliant idea… would be nice if someone started something similar in Europe…

  6. Have fun in Portland, I couldn’t make it to the Fling (AGAIN), but well remember the gardens I saw there in 2008 with the Garden Writers Association. Hope you go to the Lan Su Chinese Garden…so incredible!

  7. Have a great trip and I’m looking forward to hearing all about it! Love the tithonia, I need to try it again and figure out why mine never amounted to anything…

  8. Beautiful flower (s) pics. Looking forward to seeing the photographs and reading about your time in Oregon.

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