The Bumblebee, Up Close and Personal

Scientists have determined that Bumblebees are the cutest insects. That’s an official fact. They are the teddy bears of the insect world, furry and rounded.

2014-10-05 14.11.03 Bumblebee

Of course, they are teddy bears with five eyes, two big compound eyes and three little “primitive” eyes.

2014-10-05 14.11.06  bumblebee

There are 46 species of bumblebee native to North America. They are intrepid pollinators who venture out when it is too cold or cloudy, too early in the day, or too early in the spring for most other bee species.

2014-10-05 14.11.15 bumblee

Judy took these pictures on Sunday with her regular lens and I just kept cropping them for a closer look.

Ah, bumblebees. I will miss you over the long winter.

43 Comments on “The Bumblebee, Up Close and Personal

  1. Great pictures. I adore bumblebees. I will miss them too. I never thought of them as teddy bears but yeah, that’s a great analogy,

    • I don’t remember having a teddy myself, but my older son slept with his (a polar bear actually) to an age I cannot mention without consequences.

  2. Nice way to think of them. Great shots Judy. Some fly all winter long here, only hiding away on the very coldest days.

  3. What a great description…I’ve never thought of them as teddy bears but they are really cuddly looking although I’m sure they wouldn’t like a hug from me. The bees are still going strong here. They’ll even come out on a warm February day. Brave souls!

  4. We have at least two kinds of bumbles in our garden. I love to see them bumbling around the garden. They will be missed here too.

  5. Our clematis grwing along our fence attracted so many pollinators: bumbles, honeys, yellow jackets, it literally was buzzing with activity. Our dog and cat always take a swat at them.

  6. Beautiful photos! That last picture, in particular, does make me think of a teddy bear. I will miss them, too, this winter.

  7. Hello Jason, they’re some great close-ups. I love bumble bees because they’re big, noisy, gentle, bumbling, wandering things with long tongues. I hope I’ll be able to attract many bumble and other bee species as the garden is planted.

  8. You’ve got some great shots here, they are tricky to photograph because they’re always moving, hence the “busy bee” name 🙂 I’ll miss their company too.

  9. What fantastic pics of such a wonderful little critter. Oh yes, I too will miss them. A lovely

  10. Great photos by Judy and some nice research on your part…. unless those facts are off the top of your head!
    I wish I knew more about bumble bees, I tried investigating earlier in the year, but they all look the same to me.
    I wasn’t too thrilled to learn about cuckoo bees, they seem as soft and cuddly as the rest, but sure do have the air of a freeloader to them!

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