Shrub Rose ‘Cassie’ is a Flower Powerhouse

It’s October 20th, and everybody in the garden is winding down. Everybody but ‘Cassie’, that is.

'Cassie' blooming in late October.
‘Cassie’ blooming in late October.

‘Cassie’ is a medium-sized shrub rose that refuses to acknowledge the change of seasons. She just keeps pumping out small, semi-double white flowers.

2014-10-20 09.21.52

She even keeps the flower buds coming.

'Cassie' hips.
‘Cassie’ hips.

All this while her canes fill with small orange hips that gradually disappear down the gullets of birds.

'Cassie' overflows with small white flowers in June and July.
‘Cassie’ overflows with small white flowers in June and July.

Of course, ‘Cassie’ is at her peak in June and July, when she is covered with mildly fragrant blooms.

‘Cassie’ is about as close to trouble-free as a rose can get. I give her absolutely no coddling, and every year she comes back with vigor and clean foliage. Cut back in early spring, she grows to about four feet high.

Do you have any roses or other plants that don’t know when to quit?

48 Comments on “Shrub Rose ‘Cassie’ is a Flower Powerhouse

  1. Your Cassie rose is beautiful Jason and deserved of your post title. Roses that need no codling are my kind of rose. Rain and wind have bashed my late flowering roses, but Salvias especially Salvia patens ‘Cambridge blue’ is flourishing and withstanding this current weather.

  2. Hello Jason, all our roses are new to the garden and several are still potted, waiting to be planted. Those that have been lucky enough to be planted are establishing in new ground and so I’d say that all the roses we have at the moment are requiring a bit of work, but hopefully that will ease off as they settle into their new environment. From the stunning display we had in the last garden (before we dug them up and brought them with us) , I’m expecting great things from them.

  3. I like Cassie. Do the bees like her? This year Delphinium haven’t realised that it’s time to batten down the hatches for the autumn storms. They are in full bloom – as are Echinops, Geranium and Lavender x intermedia “Sussex”. Some friends in the village cut back their apple tree a few weeks ago and it is now in full blossom!

  4. A lovely rose! I don’t have any shrub roses, but right now I’m admiring my ‘Immortality’ iris that is re-blooming for the second time this fall.

  5. Hello again ! .. Thank you for stopping by my blog : )
    My favorite is white roses .. this one looks wonderful and trouble free is another favorite aspect I love .. sadly my White Licorice were pumping out black spot like crazy so they had to leave the garden.
    I do have some colorful roses that behave themselves … but white just does it for me .. this one I will have to remember .. William Shakespeare seems to be the surprising one to keep flowering .. I love the scent as well .. a rose without scent seems just wrong to me ! LOL

    • I completely agree – why would anyone want to grow a rose without fragrance? My favorite rose colors are white, orange, apricot, and soft yellow.

    • Rose hips have a lot going for them. They can be quite beautiful, and growing up I had a friend whose Taiwanese grandmother used to make a sort of pastry stuffed with sugared rose hips.

      • Oh. THAT would be delicious. I am guessing a little like rhubarb.

  6. I have an ‘Alba Meidiland’, also white, that keeps pumping out flowers, but at this point it has lost much of its foliage. Your ‘Cassie’ still looks green, lush, and healthy.

    There are a couple other shrub type roses in my rock garden (planted by former owners over 11 years ago) that will keep blooming until a heavy freeze, but they are smaller and more manageable than the ‘Alba Meidiland’.

  7. Looks like you have a winner on your hands. I love this semi-double form where the stamens are prominent, plus white is always a pick-me-up in the garden.

  8. Well thank goodness for cassie, what a sterling job she is doing! I haven’t had a rose in weeks, she does look lovely

  9. Your Cassie is beautiful. The roses are blooming very late this year with the warm Autumn we are having. My favourite at the moment in my garden is Perle d’ Or which has perfect little peachy buds and a wonderful fragrance.

  10. Everything is just about finished here now-we got down to 29 degrees Monday morning. You can still find a few wildflowers blooming which were protected by tree leaves though. Cassie looks and sounds like a real winner. I might have to make a spot for her here.

  11. That Rose looks like a winner! Flowers that don’t quit … hmmm … this fall there are quite a few since we haven’t had a hard freeze yet. I guess the longest-lasting ones are the Fuchsias in the hanging baskets, because they’re up off the ground. If I keep watering and misting them, they’ll last for quite a while. The Rose hips on your Rose are pretty impressive, too.

  12. Cassie looks very much like my ‘Darlow’s Enigma, except in plant size. Like ‘Cassie’ my ‘Darlow’ is still blooming with small white flowers on long canes, after most roses and perennials have given up the ghost. The lovely thing about a small white rose is that it enhances everything colorful around it. Enjoy!

    • I also have Darlow’s Enigma! Here DE has pretty much finished blooming. Still, my DE blooms from June into October. I have DE growing on an arbor in the back garden.

  13. Cute flowers, and her foliage looks pristine. What could be better?

    ‘Gourmet Popcorn’ and the shrub form of ‘Aimee Vibert’ are also good performers of that type.

  14. I need this rose! My zinnias are still blooming despite hitting some cold temps (30’s) at night. But I’m off to research this rose!

  15. Did you know ‘Cassie’ was named for a student killed in Columbine High School? I didn’t, either, until I looked ‘Cassie’ up to know if she was fragrant. In my garden, Miedeland Pink has been in bloom since June!

  16. It’s not the rarest thing, but my knockout rose is still as bright as ever. A fragrance would be nice though!

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