Cistus Nusery: Another Reason to be Jealous of Portland Gardeners

Cistus Nursery is a “retail micro-nursery” located 15 miles from Portland, Oregon.

2014-07-11 14.29.30

It was another nursery that we visited as part of this year’s Garden Bloggers Fling.

2014-07-11 14.37.39

Cistus emphasizes plants for a Mediterranean climate and hardy tropical plants, so it has fewer plants that would fit into my own garden than you might find at Joy Creek Nursery.

2014-07-11 15.05.51

Cistus has a fine selection of plants for sale, but I spent almost all my time wandering the display garden.

2014-07-11 14.38.14

2014-07-11 15.12.54

Lots of drought tolerant plants, like these ones here that could be Yuccas or Aloes, I never learned to tell the difference. I just have a mental block when it comes to succulents. I’m not proud of it, but there you are.

2014-07-11 14.54.16

2014-07-11 15.07.28

I was very impressed by the Plume Poppies (Macleaya cordata), which appeal to my preference for tall plants.

2014-07-11 14.59.12

The staff was laid back and friendly.

2014-07-11 14.55.20

2014-07-11 14.56.25

Lots of fun elements to be found in the display gardens.

2014-07-11 15.06.33

We visited Cistus on the first day of the Fling and Judy did not arrive until that evening, so I had to take these pictures.

Do you like to visit retail nurseries when you’re in new places?

38 Comments on “Cistus Nusery: Another Reason to be Jealous of Portland Gardeners

  1. The white flowers actually belong to a bulb, Galtonia candicans. It’s a Zone 7, so you’re out of luck there, but when it’s not blooming, it just sort of takes up space, so you’re not missing out on much. Although, yes, there are lots of other reasons to be jealous of us Portland gardeners!

    • Thanks for the ID. As I said, I am quite ignorant on which succulent is which – and apparently on what is not a succulent at all!

  2. What a fun nursery! I do like to walk around nurseries and often look for ones in the area that have a park near by so that it is a win win for the beans and me!!! I have yet to wonder through a nursery that has more tropical plants…this one looks so fun! Just seeing the bottles I can tell that it has a bit of whimsy! Happy weekend to you Jason! Nicole

  3. I have visited nurseries while traveling just to see what’s possible. I’ve brought home the odd plant or two. I’d probably be sorely tempted but I doubt it is something I’d do now. My big project right now is collecting seeds and cuttings of indigenous plants and using those to expand my gardens.

  4. Oh my, Cistus is not just a nursery, it’s a vacation!!! Love it. Nothing is better, but nurseries in England are an equal match. I’m going to Bridgemere Garden World in Cheshire in June…it has 6 acres of display gardens! Add it on your list.

  5. I was wondering what the Plume poppies were, Jason; thanks for identifying them. My memories of Cistus and Joy Creek nurseries have run together, so I don’t remember what I saw where. But I certainly was impressed with both and jealous of Portland gardeners having such nurseries available.

  6. Macleaya is easy to grow here as you may already know. It has a reputation for being aggressive but there’s always a place for a plant like that. It’s impressive when you see it.

  7. I do like to have a wander around nurseries that have display gardens. I am lucky enough to live very near 2 such places. I find it useful to get a sense of eventual size of some of the plants I buy. On saying that, it also tempts me into buying way too many plants.
    Cistus looks like a great place and one worthy of a visit judging by your pictures and descriptions. BTW, I’m no good with succulents either – they don’t grow here in my garden therefore never pay much attention to them.

  8. I could wander around nurseries forever and this one looks wonderful. I did like the staff and loved that huge red pot. Lovely plants

  9. I do like to visit nurseries when I visit other areas. It is fun to get new ideas…especially if you get a chance to speak with some of the growers on premise.

  10. I can’t pass up a nursery, display garden or garden-related shop on the road or at home. R. is the same about galleries and museums, so it’s sometimes a tug-o-war.

  11. It was definitely a cool place to visit, even though most of the plants wouldn’t grow in my climate, either. I liked that it wasn’t a big retail nursery but a REAL nursery staffed with folks who know their stuff.

  12. I love visiting nurseries in places new to me, especially if I have an empty car! Cistus is a great place that I get to visit several times a year as it’s only two and a half hours from my house. Remembering that nice warm summer day is quite sweet now that it’s cold (relatively speaking) and wet outside!

  13. What a great nursery. I love the lily. The white flower is Galtonia candicans. It doesn’ t bloom for long, but it is pretty and easy from seed.

  14. Jason, of course I like to visit nurseries and I can spend there all my money! lovely Yuccas, I’d love to purchase one or two. I grew Galtonia in a pot, it’s pretty.

  15. Love all your photos of this nursery, which take me back, and make me want to return again. I haven’t found a nursery like this or Joy Creek back here in St Louis yet, but I keep looking.

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