First Snowfall

Last Sunday we awoke to an inch or so of snow on the ground. Nothing like the avalanche that hit western New York, but a bit startling even so.

DSC_0589 snow back garden

It was frigid through most of the week, then warmed up.


The snow left little white hats on the dried flower heads of the ‘Annabelle’ Hydrangeas.

DSC_0590 patio snow

As of today the snow has withdrawn, muttering under it’s breath: “I’ll be back”.

38 Comments on “First Snowfall

  1. I´m glad that you didn´t have the amounts we can see they got in N.Y. Here in Denmark it is still very mild.

  2. Being from WNY, the only thing I can say, was I was glad to be north of the mountains of snow. I would have loved to see it though, just be able to get back home. No worries Jason, where you live, I think your feet of snow is on the way. 😀

  3. Oh no, not that horrible white stuff again. It seems as if you only just got rid of it. And now it’ s back again.

  4. Just enough snow to accentuate the bones of your garden. Looks great. After days of very cold weather, we are headed up to 74 today. Maybe I can get some bulbs planted.

  5. I hope its not as bad as last year for you Jason, our weather forecasters are suggesting what happens in America comes here, I hope not. Your new patio looks good and have you relented with bird food?

  6. It will be back. So it goes. Looks like the new patio has a microclimate thing going on.

      • A change has been introduced. I wonder what the result (if any) will be. You’ll probably know more in the spring.

  7. Yep….I looked out back and had found my new variegated dogwood tree bent to the ground…UGH! Here we go!

  8. Hello Jason, I think we’re still a way off a snowfall yet, but we have had our second heavy frost of the winter season. More than anything else it’s been dull, very wet and generally miserable. We’ve had some surprisingly mild days though they’re getting increasingly few and far-between.

  9. You can bet that it will be back! I see you have Annabelles by your fence. Aren’t they great? I picked and stuck some of my dried Annabelle hydrangea blooms into a winter arrangement outdoors and it looks good.

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