The Blue Mosque

After visiting Ayasofya we walked a short distance to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque. 2009-12-24 05.53.31 The Blue Mosque was built in the early 1600s. 2009-12-24 05.59.47 From the outside, it looks somewhat similar to the Ayasofya. We read that the Ottoman Turks were influenced by Byzantine architecture. 2009-12-24 06.18.28 You can see the Ayasofya from just inside the entrance. 2009-12-24 06.19.57 Another view just inside the entrance of the Blue Mosque. 2009-12-24 06.23.00 There are six minarets. I’m a little bit afraid of heights so just looking up made me a bit queasy. 2009-12-24 06.23.49 Before entering we had to remove our shoes. There was a place for the faithful to wash their feet. 2009-12-24 06.09.57 2009-12-24 06.14.39 Inside you are struck by the thousands of blue Iznik tiles, their dye made from cobalt. Above the tiles blue paint is used in intricate patterns. 2009-12-24 06.10.53 2009-12-24 06.09.30 The dome was circled with blue stained glass. 2009-12-24 06.15.30 The domed ceiling suggests somehow that the sky itself is a dome. 2009-12-24 06.10.20 Tourists are not allowed in when organized prayers are conducted, but there were a few people quietly praying or meditating. The atmosphere was hushed. I wonder what they were praying for. 2009-12-24 06.17.20 2009-12-24 06.25.59 Blue, I believe, is a calming color. On our way out it was hard not to feel awed, and a bit more peaceful.

35 Comments on “The Blue Mosque

  1. Just looking at Judy’s pictures calmed me. What a wonderful visit you had. I hope to visit Istanbul one day.

  2. Beautiful photos, Jason. I’d love to see the Blue mosque one day too. Especially I loved the picture of many, many blue tiles.

  3. What a beautiful place. Full of peace and prayers. I wonder if that calming feel of blue is why people like it in their garden.??

  4. Wow, Istanbul! I would love to visit this city; what an experience you must have had. The interior of the mosque is magnificent!

  5. It is a beautiful place. And I think it is so great that even in such an old city they still provided room for an appropriately sized garden in front.

  6. Gosh…awesome comes to mind for sure. What an astonishingly beautiful building, the detail of the structure and inside is just incredible. How lucky that you got to visit

  7. Istanbul looked a bit grayish until now. Incredible pale blues outside the mosque, and other color accents inside. But the Canary Island Date palms!

    • Well, it was December and it was frequently cloudy and/or misty. Not the brilliant Mediterranean light we would expect.

  8. Such a stunning mosque! The details just blew me away!! I could get lost just taking in a place like this!! Man do I need to travel more when the beans get bigger!! Have a great Thursday Jason! Nicole

  9. I really loved the Blue Mosque and went in wearing a long dress and with my head covered. A woman in spandex bike shorts was arguing with one of the men as to why she couldn’t enter. It was so ignorant and disrespectful. I absolutely loved the Iznik tiles. Simply beautiful!

    • Well, at least in December there were no tourists in spandex shorts, or other kinds of shorts. The Blue Mosque really is beautiful.

  10. Beautiful and very moving. Like you, I too would feel awed. The magnitude of such a structure is meant to covey awe. In every tile to the dome and spires, all make one feel the power of belief and the need to submit to God.

  11. I saw the Blue Mosque some years ago, it really is quite beautiful and such a strange, mysterious atmosphere, I guess it’s what “history” feels like as these buildings are old and have had over 400 years of decoration.

  12. Those tiles, wow! and the stone is even more beautiful with the streaks of blue and pink in it. This looks like an amazing trip.

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