The Snowdrops Arrive!

For the last two years I’ve had nothing to show for the March Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. This year, though, is different. For that, I am grateful to the Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis and G. elwesii) in my back garden. Thank you, Snowdrops!

A clump of Snowdrops in bloom.
A clump of Snowdrops in bloom.

In both 2013 and 2014, our first snowdrop pictures were taken around April 5th. This provides perspective on the current winter, which became more severe late in the season, but in the Chicago area at least hasn’t been all that bad.

Not all the Snowdrops are ready to bloom. These need another day or two.
Snowdrops open their flowers when the weather warms. These are waiting for the sun to get a bit higher in the sky.

When I got home from a business trip this past Friday, the first Snowdrops were in bloom.

These Snowdrops still need a day or two before they bloom.
These Snowdrops still need a day or two before they bloom. I like the bits of dried Hydrangea flowers littering the ground.

I am not one of those Snowdrop connoisseurs, who glory in the subtle differences among all the different species in variety. Even so, I do love Snowdrops. Partly it is simply the fact that they are the very first to bloom. But it is also the way they emerge from the mud and dead leaves of early spring, clean and perky and gleaming. And of course, there are few things more beautiful than a big drift of Snowdrops in the early spring woods.

Lenten Rose
Lenten Rose

In addition to the Snowdrops, Judy found a single Lenten Rose (Helleborus orientalis) that is about to bloom. Most of the Hellebores are still a bit tattered, and I don’t expect them to show any blooming flowers until late in March.

Lilac buds.
Lilac buds.

Other than that, there is mainly the promise of future blooms. The buds on the Forsythia and Lilac are swelling. The first leaves of the crocuses, daffodils, and early tulips have just begun to poke through the ground.

To enjoy more blooms, visit May Dreams Gardens. Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day to you! And happy spring!

57 Comments on “The Snowdrops Arrive!

  1. Wow, great to see something green and growing after a slightly too ‘refreshing’ February! I’ll be heading home tonight and my fingers are crossed that there will be a few snowdrops open in my neck of the woods as well. I won’t hold my breathe for a hellebore though. That may yet be a few days. Happy spring!

  2. YAY!! It is all too exciting!!! Love your snowdrops! I should get some in so that I could look at something pretty this time of year as well! I was out back cleaning up beds today! It won’t be long now! Have a great week Jason! Nicole

  3. I’m very much like you – not a connoisseur, but I love snowdrops for the fact that they herald the start of the spring bulb season and they are just so dainty and trouble free!

    • Snow falling still? Oh, dear. Spring does seem to have arrived earlier around here earlier than in New England. I hope you won’t have to wait too much longer.

  4. I’ve got to get some of them snow drops. They sure look good in your garden.

  5. It’s a real pleasure to see your snowdrops….and a hellebore to boot! Marvelous, and the buds show great

  6. Well how lovely that you have snowdrops at last and a hellebore showing promise. Spring is round the corner for you too.

  7. Seamus did a little raking and discovered a handful of crocuses in bloom!

  8. Those snowdrops are so pretty, and a welcome sight after such a cold winter. I don’t have any, but I do have a number of hellebores. I discovered those by seeing them on blogs. Like you and your snowdrops, I don’t know the names of my hellebores. Oh, I learned a few years ago, that it helps the plant if you cut the old leaves off. I just did mine this week.

      • I just raked another layer of leaves off of the curb bed, and found a dark reddish colored hellebore that is blooming away with very small flowers. I think that is the usual size of them, or just a little smaller than usual. I need to get out there and take the old leaves off of it.

  9. The first time i saw snowdrops in person they automatically belong to my favorite flowers. However, after that first time i haven’t had the privilege of seeing them again, except in photos like these. So thank you.

  10. I know what you mean about seeing the first snowdrops. A great feeling! Enjoy the start of Spring Jason!

  11. I too just arrrived home too and can’t believe what a difference a week made. Most importantly, there are no freezing temps in the 10 day forecast! Love your snowdrops. Hope I can find some time to be outdoors soon.

  12. Lovely snowdrops, and now hopefully the spring is on its way in Chicago. Amazing that a few snowdrops can evoke such happiness after the winter. Everyday it is exiting to see what new flowers have emerged. Happy spring to you also

  13. I’m with you regarding the snowdrops; yes to drifts, and emphatic NO to expensive ‘specials’. I’m really glad your winter hasn’t been so bad this year.

  14. I share your excitement on seeing the first snowdrops! I don’t have nearly as many as you do–not sure what happened to all the bulbs I planted–but I was thrilled all the same to see the first few blooms this past week. Hope Chicagoland is as beautiful today as it is here–70 degrees!

  15. Oh, I do enjoy the Snowdrops, too! Sounds like our gardens are on a similar schedule this spring. It sounds like the next few days will be cool enough to hold the Snowdrop blooms, but might delay some of the other blooms until next weekend. Beautiful photos of your Snowdrop patches!

    • Yes we’re having a bit of a weather throwback. Nothing unusual, but still I am impatient for the parade of spring blooms to get moving!

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