Robin Takes A Bath

Robins go in for a very aerobic style of bathing. We have a bird bath set up so that we can watch it from the back porch. Provides a lot of entertainment.

Hmm, time for a bath.
Hmm, time for a bath.

A young robin contemplates taking a dip.

2015-08-15 13.29.44 Robin


2015-08-15 13.29.48 robin

And rest.

2015-08-15 13.30.19-1 robin


2015-08-15 13.30.33 robin

And a little grooming.

2015-08-15 13.30.32 robin

OK, where’s the hair dryer?

48 Comments on “Robin Takes A Bath

  1. Great shots! They are fun to watch – and very particular about where they bathe too. And I have never seen them share a bath with another robin. You have a nice big bath. Good going. πŸ™‚

    • I had not heard they were particular about where they bathe. In our baths we see mostly the robins, grackles, starlings, and house sparrows bathing.

  2. So cute. πŸ™‚ We had a hearty rain here this week and about a dozen robins hit our driveway and were popping in and out of the puddles. I chuckled but forgot to grab the camera. πŸ™‚ Happy Chicago Sunday.

  3. What a hoot. This young ‘un looks like he has mastered life’s lessons and will do well. In the past weeks we’ve had a number of young cardinals at the feeders and I’ve enjoyed their antics as they’ve learned to grasp onto the wire cages and retrieve seed.

  4. Robins are the most exuberant bathers. It is fun to watch them. It seems at times the smaller birds sit off to the side awaiting their turn get a little presoak from the big splash.

  5. How I enjoyed this! I do like your robins and seeing a juvenile bathing has put a huge smile on my face!xxx

  6. I watch them from the kitchen window. Must get out there and cut back some of the growth beginning to obstruct the view. You got some greats pics of their toilette.

  7. Oh I love these shots (as well as the insightful commentary). Wet birds do indeed lose a little of their dignity. You must know that anyone who reads your post is smiling. So maybe I should shoot some pictures of my cat Bailey taking a dirt bath (sometimes with a bit of gravel–sort of a kitty loofa?).

  8. Just catching up with you Jason…i adore bathing robins…they are amusing and I have an upcoming post about my bathing robins…I think I delayed it until October on my new blog…these are great shots.

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