I Forgot To Mention We Were Going to Quebec

We’re actually in Quebec right now, but we’ll be back soon.


This picture was taken at the garden of Pat and Norman Webster, who live about 90 minutes southeast of Montreal (Pat writes the blog Site and Insight). I’ll have lots more about their truly amazing garden after we return to Chicago. Not to mention the Montreal Botanic Garden, the Jean-Talon Market, and the Gaspe Peninsula.

At the Jean-Talon Market in Montreal.
At the Jean-Talon Market in Montreal.

So far Judy has taken about 700 photographs. I may post one or two while we are away, but I won’t be writing any full posts until we get home.

Enjoy these final days of summer.

26 Comments on “I Forgot To Mention We Were Going to Quebec

  1. Enjoy! I’ll look forward to hearing your take on Pat Webster’s garden!

  2. Enjoyed your visit, Judy and Jason. Hope the rest of the trip is full of sunshine and good moments. Having you at Glen Villa was a real pleasure.

    • Judy and I really enjoyed your hospitality and your wonderful garden. Thank you so much for having us.
      We just had dinner at Auberge aux Mange Grenouille and it was incredible. We love this place, so thanks for the recommendation! And not a single day of rain, so we’ve been very lucky.

  3. Oh, how lovely! Have a wonderful time And you’re there in the midst of the very interesting Canadian federal election campaign (although we’d hardly know it here in the US, unless we’re looking for it!)

  4. Ooooh….what a lovely taster! Looking forward to hearing more. Have a fantastic time, you deserve a jolly!xxx

  5. I love Quebec. Hope you’ve been having a great time! Looks like you got there just in time for the potato harvest. Yum! Can’t wait to see your post on Pat’s garden.

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