Monarch Butterfly Ready For Its Close Up

So just yesterday I posted that I was seeing only one Monarch per day in mid-September. As if in response to a customer complaint, Monarch Central seems to have dispatched four Monarchs to ensure that I don’t feel neglected. These were displaying themselves in the front garden when I first opened the door.

Shortly afterwards Judy came back from her book club and decided to shoot some video. She is still getting used to the video function on her camera, especially the manual focus (she has found the auto focus to be unsatisfactory).

Anyway, here are a couple of short videos she made. I like that they give you a good idea on how the Monarchs look when they are feeding. An odd thing, though, is how my quiet neighborhood sounds like it is right next to a highway.

The Bumblebees also get into the act, but that’s fine. Cinema verite!

33 Comments on “Monarch Butterfly Ready For Its Close Up

  1. I am definitely growing tithonia gain next year! My ‘Goldfinger’ ended up being about 5 ft high plus it’s in a 2 ft tall pot but that just makes it a beacon for any visiting pollinators. I do wish we had as many monarchs as you do. Cool video. 🙂

    • Thanks! Tithonia, I think, is one of those plants that always grows way taller than it should – at least in a garden environment. Mine is supposed to grow to 5′ but is probably more like 8′.

  2. I really enjoyed the videos – I have had little success/patience with the video function on my camera, so am very impressed Judy! The Tithonia are like orange landing pads for the pollinators here too, but your Monarch butterfly is perfectly coordinated to the orange flowers. Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful! The videos were great; interesting, too, to see the interaction between the bees and the butterflies. I think maybe the sounds of the highway are from the perspective of the pollinators!

  4. It’s great to see that you are providing such a well-used habitat for monarchs. Despite my efforts to create welcoming conditions, I haven’t seen one here in several years. Yours give me hope.

  5. But I could hear birds singing in the background too. Good thing you had the colour coordinated Tithonia to show off the Monarch’s to perfection.

    • That’s very true about the color coordination. Maybe butterflies are drawn by their fashion sense to the flowers that make them look good.

  6. Wonderful footage Judy! I tried to shoot a video yesterday, it’s tricky to do. That must of been magical to open your front door and find them performing so beautifully. And they waited for Judy to come home too, very obliging wildlife you have.

  7. Wonderful! I loved how they answered your call! Excellent videos, good to see the bees joining in the feeding

  8. Unfortunately Monarchs are rarely seen in the UK apparently the last time they appeared in any numbers was 1995. Where I live it is very doubtful indeed that they will ever be seen certainly in my lifetime.

  9. Tithonia and monarchs – lovely! I’d be chuffed to bits if these beautiful butterflies landed on my tithonia.

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