The blooming of the Clematis jackmanii, with its mass of royal purple flowers, is one of the summer highlights of our garden. This year promises to set a new standard for clematis profusion at Garden in a City.


Until this year the Clematis grew on an 8′ trellis against a west-facing brick wall. The vines always outgrew the trellis, folding back upon themselves as a result. So this spring we extended the trellis another 4′, so that it now reaches from the ground up to the rain gutters.

Sure enough the vines have climbed up to the roof and are now waving about up there looking for something to grab onto with their leaf stalks.

Right now the very first flowers are opening, and the vines are covered with buds. As I like to name different parts of the garden, I think I may need to come up with something for this little corner with the big vines. At the moment I am leaning towards The Great Wall of Purple.

61 Comments on “Clematisipation

  1. How about Purple Reign? In honor of the recently deceased Prince?

  2. Wow! This makes me totally jealous. I have a beautiful (supposedly) clematis that is four years old. It limped along until I finally moved it to a new spot this year. It is now about 6 inches tall in what should be a perfect location.

  3. Now that is a happy looking clematis…definitely worth increasing the trellis for extra growth and blossoms. I have seen clematis flowering even in dry hot Australian gardens, but not quite like that.

  4. Wow! You (and your clematis) have outdone yourselves. Love Jim’s “Purple Reign” suggestion. πŸ™‚

  5. It’s fun to see spring recreated in your garden as you are several weeks behind us. Do you prune your clematis to encourage rebloom? Some of mine have responded well.

  6. That is just amazing! I’m surprised you don’t have car accidents in front of your house from people stopping to gawk! Gorgeous!

  7. Oh, that is luscious. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when some of your favorites bloom? Especially when they bloom profusely like your ‘Jackmanii’!

  8. Wow. Looks like your clematis trellis provides great Impact in the garden! I bet it stops traffic (if it’s alongside a street…) πŸ™‚

    • Seems to get pretty big when its happy. As I’m sure you know, there are plenty of smaller Clematis vines. I’ve got a couple of them also.

  9. Your Clematis is amazing! It is obviously really happy in its spot and is saying thank you for the extra support!

  10. I have clematis envy! It is definitely grateful for the extra trellis; could it be trained up onto the house wall too?

  11. Clematisipation sends like a painful condition. Eat plenty of fruit. I remember you amazing Clematis jackmannii from last year, it is the best speciman I have ever seen. It is all set to take over the world.

  12. The great wall of purple is perfect ! .. My Warsaw Nike needs more trellis , now I am feeling guilty that I haven’t been on top of things to give it more room as it stretches.
    You did a great job and this looks amazing !

  13. Oh…magnificent, and it’s only just got going! I like your suggestion but have to go with Jim’s….just loved that, very clever!xxx

  14. Oh my goodness, that is gorgeous! Mine is loaded with buds, too, and, at two years old, has outgrown its five foot trellis already, waving about in the air and doubling back as yours did. Yes, I think you should name it the Great Wall of Purple! (Though now that I’ve read previous comments, I do like “Purple Reign” a lot!)

  15. Hello Jason, now that’s just not fair is it? I think I have a Clematis Jackmanii planted earlier this year, it was first almost completely eaten by deer and now I can’t find it because the surrounding shrubs have grown to fill in the gap that was meant for the Clematis. I’m hoping I will see some spots of purple that will indicate that it’s still alive, but I’m not hopeful.

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