Field of Orange Cosmos


Field of tall orange Cosmos at Hamarikyu Gardens in Tokyo. Leaving for the airport in a few hours. Sorry to leave, but eager to see our garden at home.

25 Comments on “Field of Orange Cosmos

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of cosmos. They’re annuals so I wonder if they self-seed here or have to be “manually” replanted? Have a good journey home.

    • They are planted by seed. There are several small fields with different kinds of Cosmos, all of them seeded at different times.

  2. Wow, and more wow!! Thanks for sharing some sneak peaks of your trip; looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Interesting. I saw some orange cosmos near our local farmers market the other day. Stopped to watch for a few minutes and did not see any pollinators. (Of course, there were not *nearly* as many cosmos as in your photo…

    Welcome back to the States ! Hope your garden has thrived despite your absence.

    • The pollinators were plentiful in this field. I think Cosmos are generally very good pollinator plants. I wonder if someone had sprayed the Cosmos you saw with insecticide?

  4. Lovely shot, I love seeing flowers and greenery (and orange!) in a city. Hope your garden is coming along well.

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