Lyndale Park Gardens

Another place we visited during the Minneapolis Fling was the Lyndale Park Gardens. This is a Minneapolis public park with multiple gardens that collectively include quite a few diversions for people who love plants.


There are mixed borders full of bulbs, annuals, and perennials.


There’s a trial garden for new plant varieties, a joint project of the University of Minnesota and the Minneapolis Parks.


Color themed borders in yellow.


Not to mention blue.


More Lilies, with a stimulating mix of perennials.


The first of the gardens at Lyndale Park, I believe was a rose garden. It was started in the early 1900s to demonstrate that roses could be grown even in Minnesota.


Apparently they can be.


We enjoyed peeking into this hut of woven stems.


There are also a couple of fountains, also going back to around 1900.


Cute turtles.

More to come on the Minneapolis Fling.

26 Comments on “Lyndale Park Gardens

  1. Darn! I have been to MN twice or thrice and never bothered to check out this park. Thank you for putting this up here in your blog. Seems like a beautiful park.

    Hmm…never thought that MN is too cold to grow rose. My roses survive here in 1-2 feet of snow, and thus thought roses can grow everywhere.

  2. So much to admire! The rose, the hut, the fountain with spouting turtles. Very nice on a bleak November Tuesday one week after the election.

  3. Do you have any idea where the hut’s woven stems came from or what the inspiration was for the hut? It’s definitely different. It’s a beautiful garden. I followed the 2016 Garden Fling in a few other blogs so I look forward to seeing other gardens that I *think* you probably photographed.

  4. I quite enjoyed the beds that showcased a variety of plants in a particular colour grouping – you don’t often see that in public gardens.

  5. Those turtles took me by surprise! And are those Aliums in the first photo? Loveliness throughout your post. 🙂

  6. The gardens look wonderful, everything looks so green and lush. Does Minneapolis have a harsh winter? (I’m thinking it does)…I guess many plants don’t mind winter if they have plenty of water/rain during the year.

    • Yes, Minneapolis has a very harsh winter. Here in Chicago we are USDA zone 5, on the border of 6. In Minneapolis they are in zone 4, not far from zone 3. Normally they have a fair amount of rain but there have been a lot of dry years recently.

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