My Favorite Amaryllis This Year

So my favorite Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) this year is definitely ‘Picotee’. The bulbs are more expensive than most other Amaryllis, but I’d say they’re worth it.

‘Picotee’ with ‘Miracle’ in red

‘Picotee’ has lots of long-lasting, gleaming ivory blooms. In fact, they are still blooming now in early March. And the sturdy stems do not flop!


The only disappointing thing about ‘Picotee’ is that the red edging on the flowers is much less noticeable than in the catalog pictures. Do you think the catalog pics are enhanced? No … John Scheepers would never do such a thing.


I also liked Amaryllis ‘Miracle’ very much. Hard to resist those big, red, satiny blooms. Huge, but not so profuse. Stayed upright for a long time, too, but eventually flopped. That’s OK, because they make an excellent cut flower.


I was least excited by ‘Trentino’. This is an earlier blooming Amaryllis. Smaller flowers than’Picotee’, with a lot more green. Greenish flowers don’t especially appeal to me. Also,  ‘Trentino’ didn’t wait very long before it flopped over.

So there it is, my Amaryllis adventure for the winter. What was your favorite Amaryllis this year?

36 Comments on “My Favorite Amaryllis This Year

  1. I’ve not grown amaryllis before. I have to say that I’m quite partial to that last one – I quite like the green tinge on the flowers coupled with the reddish/pinkish edges. Question – are you able to get more then one season from the bulbs or are they essentially compost after they finish flowering?

  2. I gave up on amaryllis after I found scale insects on stored bulbs. I do love them though and maybe I’ll get one next year to provide some color.

    • Just looked that one up – nice! By the way, have you checked your spam folder lately? I think that’s where my comments on your blog are going.

  3. Beautiful! And behind those lovely blooms, in one of your pictures, what should I spy? Books! Yay!!!!

  4. I’m still waiting for mine to bloom! But the stems are growing now with fat buds. I’ll let you know what it’s like. Mine should be white too.

  5. Your amaryllis are lovely and make me wish that I’d grown some this year. Those that live in the greenhouse have now reverted to a summer bloom time. Next year, I’ll seek out ‘Exotica’ that I’ve admired on another blog. ‘Trentino’ is kind of sweet with it’s green and pink flowers.

  6. I have never grown Amaryllis, but occasionally I get the urge to buy them, which I resist. I actually like your picture of Trentino. I think if I grew them it would probably be so I could cut them for vases, so I might not mind flopping. And I don’t mind some green in flowers. I love Trentino’s pink edge, which is more pronounced than the picotee on ‘Picotee.’

  7. Beautiful and thank you for the review. 🙂 Being away from home I just hoped my six house plants would make it. They did. I’ve been doing a happy dance but no gorgeous blooms like that so thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. Drool! They are so lovely. I don’t have a favorite amaryllis, but I did plant “Clown”. It’s not bloomed yet.

  9. I really only started paying attention to Amaryllis when I began reading blogs, they are fabulous, and must be very welcome at the end of winter. My favourite is Picotee, especially once I noticed the fine red trim around the beautiful white petals.

  10. I like them all, although I did have one that was completely underwhelming this year. I have found that bulbs with the same name produce different flowers from year to year, so have given up remembering what they are called!

  11. I saved my bulb from last year and, so far, only lots of foliage–no blossoms. New bulbs for me next year.

  12. Hiya,
    I added a picture to my In a Vase post of today, to show you that the edges can be very red indeed. I’ve had mine for 8 years now and the red has got darker. Maybe e feed them ?

    • I admit I do not feed ours. I suppose that could make a difference. Maybe age does also? I visited your site but could not find the picture of the Amaryllis.

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