March Bloom Day, More or Less

So this isn’t exactly a Bloom Day post because these pictures were taken on the 12th, the Sunday before Bloom Day. On Bloom Day itself, everything was covered with snow. DSC_0613

On that Sunday, though, what the garden had on offer was mainly Crocuses.


I do like Crocuses very much. If I had too choose between Crocuses and Snowdrops (Galanthus), I would definitely go with Crocuses. I’m a sucker for bright colors. Snowdrops are elegant, but a bit dull. DSC_0611

The Crocuses were a bit bedraggled, though, mainly because they were holding up against several days of below-freezing temperatures. And because I have not yet done spring clean up, they had to make their way up through a dense layer of leaves and stems.



Here’s a clump of yellow.


Other than Crocuses, there’s what remains of the Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis). We didn’t get any good pictures of the Snowdrops at their best this year. At every opportunity the sky was much too overcast – until suddenly they were past their peak and drooping from the cold.

So there you have it, my March Bloom Day. Hoping for better things in April.



55 Comments on “March Bloom Day, More or Less

  1. I love seeing your pretty Crocus, they just don’t have the impact here in northern California; sometimes blooming in November or December before the fall leaves have even dropped.

  2. Considering your snow and ice, I’d say things are looking pretty good. C’mon April!

  3. Still waiting for my crocuses to appear. Maybe they’re hiding under the snow:). I hope we’re done and now really move onto spring.

  4. I remember your crocus from last year, they inspired me to try a few. Lovely to see them despite snow…something very resilient about them.

  5. Snowdrops dull? Never, wash your mouth out. A crocus is a jolly plant and nice and shiny, but only if the sun shines. Sorry to hear that you have more snow, horrible for you.

    • Thanks for the condolences, happily it’s melted again. I can see there is a deep chasm lying between us on the question of spring bulbs. White flowers are nicest in the shade.

  6. Little beauties! All that’s blooming in central Maine right now is snow 😉

  7. Yes, this weather has put a real damper on the garden. I am with you about color in the garden especially at this time of year. Love seeing all those shocking yellows, purples, reds etc… Happy GBBD.

  8. Well, snowdrops and crocuses are two more blooms than I have in my garden right now – so cheery, even if a bit droopy 🙂

  9. Gosh if taking photos a couple of days early disqualifies a Bloomday post them I’m a regular cheater. We do what we must, especially when Mother Nature is being difficult. Beautiful blooms!

  10. It’s early days yet, but those little dots of colour peeping above the leaves (or snow) keep us going!

  11. Wow, you have so many snowdrops! I haven’t had much luck in getting them to multiply here; of course, it would help it I remembered to plant more each fall:) I agree with you on the crocuses–I like the bright, cheery colors at this time of year, especially when they’re poking up through the snow.

  12. Your spring blossoms are lovely, especially those pale blue crocus. I’m in the same boat as you, all my spring bulbs are still swamped by leaves, I’m hoping for some good weather to liberate them. Who knows what I’ve

  13. Pretty crocuses! Mine haven’t bloomed yet, and maybe that’s a good thing. This has been such an odd winter/spring. But I feel like I’m saying that every season now.

  14. I love crocuses too, especially as the bees visit them so much. They are so cheerful. This year I’ve planted some in the meadow patch and I am hoping that they will spread happily there in future years.

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