How Do You Like Them Onions?

More specifically, Alliums – which is to say, ornamental onions.


Right now we have two types of Allium in bloom. There’s Allium ‘Globemaster’ seen above, in the Parkway Bed. ‘Globemaster’ is as tall as ever but the flowers have gotten a lot smaller, which is probably a sign that I need to dig up the bulbs and replant them. Initially, the flower clusters were about 8″, now they’re about half that. On the other hand, the flowers are more numerous, so the bulbs must be reproducing.

DSC_0030Then we have two patches of Allium aflatunense ‘Purple Sensation’. The first is on the north side of the Crabapple tree in the front garden.

DSC_0132‘Purple Sensation’ is about half the height of ‘Globemaster’. The flowers are smaller also, but still impressive.

DSC_0036The second and original patch of ‘Purple Sensation’ is in the back garden, growing on the east side of the hedge that separates our property from the neighbors’. These have thrived and multiplied greatly, despite growing in part shade.


Here’s another view of ‘Purple Sensation’ in the back garden. See our new birdhouse in the back?

Both of these Allium varieties will die back in summer so they need longer-lasting companions to hide the dying foliage. Judy is very partial to the seed heads that remain after the flowers have faded.


37 Comments on “How Do You Like Them Onions?

  1. Lovely onions, Jason. I like most ‘Purple Sensation’. I have it in my garden as well, and the white ones too.

  2. I first noticed these on Stephi’s Garden blog, and she said she envied yours…..well, I’m joining the club! Why haven’t I tried these? They look wonderful….

  3. I love dem onions. They are such a different look in the garden. That beautiful color offered up on long stems so you can’t ignore them. Yep love dem onions.

  4. I only have two varieties of chives that I grow, but I was admiring my neighbor’s onions just the other day. I was also admiring his beautiful golden chain tree that was attracting boatloads of bees.

  5. I fell in love with alliums at the Toronto Fling. I haven’t had luck growing them but I have chives in the kitchen garden which are similar and are sort of my consolation plant. Yours are gorgeous! They really pop in your garden.

  6. Love them! Like Karin, the Toronto fling sold me. So far I only have the edibles in my garden but ornamental alliums are on the list when I plant up the front.

  7. Beautiful! Now that I have my own growing I can enjoy them every day! Thanks for the nudge to plant them.

  8. I like-like-like. I want-want-want. If they disappear in the middle of the night, it’s because I took a red-eye to Chicago, dug ’em up, and brought them home!

  9. I also have Purple Sensation and LOVE IT! I find they are reseeding, sometimes some distance from their original location. Funny how that happens!

  10. I love Allium, but find it is not at all reliable about coming back in future years for me. I often just get the foliage in successive years without flowers. It’s rather disappointing because I love it so, but the bulbs are on the more expensive side for planting new each year.

    • That’s not a problem I’ve had, in fact Alliums in our garden tend to increase reliably. But I suppose it depends on the conditions in your garden.

  11. Thanks to you and other bloggers, I planted some alliums last fall. It’s been a job protecting them from our marauding pups, but I hope to have some blossoms soon.

      • They have a taste for almost everything–except onions. The alliums were in a dog shortcut through the garden, so we put up a small fence and I think they will ok.

  12. Your alliums are gorgeous. Wonderful highlights of your garden. Haven’t had much luck with them. I think the voles enjoyed them.

  13. Love them onions! They take all sorts of abuse, aren’t bothered by pests, increase every year, and, like Judy, I love the seed heads. One can even spray paint them and leave them in situ to provide summer long color.

  14. Some are better than others at coming back and even multiplying. Too beautiful to do without.

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