My Two Favorite Roses

My two favorite roses are blooming right now. ‘Cassie’ and ‘Sally Holmes’ are both shrub roses with fragrant white flowers. In our garden, they both keep their foliage disease free without sprays of any kind.



‘Cassie’ has small, semi-double flowers.

‘Cassie’ flowers – a closer look. 

The flowers may be petite, but they are borne in great throngs, and ‘Cassie’ keeps pumping them out through almost the whole summer. At the same time, this is a very compact rose, growing no more than about 4′.

‘Cassie’ goes nicely with containers planted in red and orange. 

I’ve also noticed that ‘Cassie’s’ flowers attract lots of tiny pollinators.

‘Sallie Holmes’

While ‘Cassie’ is a bit of a pixie, ‘Sally Holmes’ is luscious. She also tolerates some shade.


I feel like I finally got the pruning right for this rose. Before this year it always seemed a bit misshapen.


The new birdhouse is a nice touch, don’t you think?


Planting ‘Sally Holmes near the big old Deutzia (Deutzia crenata ‘Plena’ – I think) also turns out to have been a good call.


The Deutzia’s frilly double flowers nicely complement the simple blooms of ‘Sally Holmes’.


I’m really not much of a rosarian, so when I say that these two roses are my favorites I really don’t have much basis for comparison. There are just two more roses in our garden: the rambler ‘Darlow’s Enigma’, and the wild Illinois Rose (Rosa setigera). Neither are in bloom at the moment.

Even so, while I may not know much about roses, I do know what I like.

32 Comments on “My Two Favorite Roses

  1. Love those white blooms–so fresh and summery. Like you, I’m not much of a rose person, but sometimes, they’re just the right thing in the garden.

  2. I like these two roses too, but of the two I think I prefer Sally Holmes. I grew her back east in my Massachusetts garden, where we lived for many years before we moved to Washington state. I prefer simple roses over doubles.

  3. I remember you are a fellow Sally Holmes fan. She is a real star and blooms all summer. long. I’ve never pruned mine, Do you cut her right back or just tidy her up?

    • I eliminate the narrowest stems and cut the larger stems back to about 3′. Now you have me wondering if I should bother.

  4. Love the roses. Especially Sally Holmes. I am not great at growing them, but have had some luck with a few.

  5. They are beauties! Especially little Cassie, who blooms all summer. Who could ask for anything more. Love that snappy bird house!

  6. Very nice! Love the Deutzia/Sally Holmes combination is great. I saw Sally on sale at a local hardware store and almost brought her home. Fortunately the store is nearby so I can go back.

  7. It’s good to know about the roses that bloom throughout the summer. The deutzia and Sally Holmes are a nice combination.

  8. ‘Cassie’ is gorgeous–I will have to look for that one. Your ‘Sally’ looks wonderful with the Deutzia. White and green makes the most elegant pairing.

  9. They are beautiful indeed – I only have a few roses in the garden but have no idea what they are. Unfortunately they all seem to bloom for a short time and then that’s it so I must get some longer bloomers into the new border.

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