A New Look for Rupert the Rooster

Years ago we bought a concrete rooster in St. Paul, Minnesota, while visiting our son there. Why did we buy a concrete rooster? Well, Judy has a thing about inanimate poultry. Ducks, peacocks, turkeys, chickens – but mostly chickens.

unnamed (2)

The rooster, which we have named Rupert (actually we’ve renamed him a couple of times, but I think we are sticking with Rupert) is dang heavy. I know because I’ve had to carry him around on a number of occasions.

While carrying Rupert I have been briefly tempted to express some misgivings about Judy’s insistence that we invest in a concrete rooster. However, we all have our quirks (I certainly have mine), so I just go with the flow.

DSC_0758Rupert is our only outdoor poultry (most are on the mantel in the living room). Over the years, he has grown rather dingy and mossy. I like moss, but it’s not a good look for a rooster.

So Judy decided to spruce him up, using some acrylic paint markers. After a great deal of careful work, Rupert had the appearance of a new rooster. I must admit that he is really quite handsome now.

DSC_0745We have given him a high-visibility location on the patio. I think he adds a certain dash to the back garden.

Not all concrete garden art should be painted, but I would say in this case it was the right choice.

38 Comments on “A New Look for Rupert the Rooster

  1. Rupert looks very handsome now that he has been painted … His wings & tail are really something. A concrete rooster is much less noisy than the one & only live rooster we had.

  2. Judy has some artistic talent.–I think Rupert looks terrific. I have a ceramic rooster on my fence post near my neighbor’s chicken coop that Rupert needs to meet. Wonder if you could carry Rupert on the plane with you to the next fling in Austin??? What’s another 30lbs really?

  3. a very chuckley post! Rupert looks quite charming. I’m trying to imagine a living room mantel full of poultry! I have a concrete pig in the garden, and he is similarly heavy. I hadn’t named him until I read this post but now I think I’ll call him Peter. I haven’t painted him but I think Peter and Rupert could be friends if they didn’t live in different hemispheres.

    • Rupert and Peter could be pen pals, if only they knew how to write, and had money for postage.

  4. Yes, yes! He looks splendid. A guardian of the garden. Also, your patio looks very inviting.

  5. Rupert looks cool. I have one concrete Hindu god statue. Last year I knocked her head off, but I could still set it back on. I spray it with whatever leftover rust-0-leum, I have when needed.

  6. Rupert is stylin’ with his new look. I think he looks quite handsome. Good job Judy! He can keep you company when you gather on the patio.

  7. LOL..I can totally relate. My husband got me a bottle tree the other day. I have been wanting one for so long and he picked it up. What we do for the ones we love….:-) great post!

    • Jason is the one who might want live poultry. I am opposed. Plus, Rupert might be jealous.

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