Taking The Long View: July 23, 2017

So I know I said I wouldn’t do the long views as a weekly thing, but I changed my mind – at least for now. So sue me.

DSC_0782Here’s a view from the street in front of our house. The Clematis is almost done flowering.

DSC_0781Coming closer, here’s a view of the Driveway Border from the sidewalk. You can see the Green-Headed Coneflower (Rudbeckia laciniata) are also coming into flower. They are the tall guys in the center. The Green-Headed Coneflowers are about 7′ tall, but the Cup Plant (not seen in this picture) is at least 10′.

Sadly, the ‘Conca d’Or’ OT hybrid lilies are starting to drop from their stems.

DSC_0761aHere’s that view to the street from the front door. The main thing that has changed is that the Cup Plant (Silphium perfoliatum – the really tall guys in the upper right) are now full of blooms.

DSC_0794Here’s the view in the opposite direction.

DSC_0790Here’s a view of the grass path between the Driveway Border and the Front Island Bed. Green-Headed Coneflower on the right, Cup Plant on the left.

DSC_0778And here’s the view of the Left Bank Bed from the sidewalk. The Allium lusitanicum ‘Summer Beauty’ is showing fuller blooms and the apricot-colored ‘Egyptian Spice’ Daylilies are now able to make a visual impact.

That’s all for now.

44 Comments on “Taking The Long View: July 23, 2017

  1. If you look closely, you can see that we’re even growing plants in our gutters. Sigh.

  2. Your garden is looking lovely … Especially as we look out on our winter garden here in Canberra. The gutters filled with plants…. well it just gives an enthiastic gardener look. But it is all working and an inspiration as we plan for spring…

  3. Fabulous views Jason! Forgive my ignorance, but is the green coneflower actually yellow? Or am I looking at the wrong thing!

  4. Beautiful! I like the grass pathways going through your garden. If I want to get to the back of mine I just have to wade through and hope i don’t step on anything!

  5. Enjoyed seeing the long views coming and going. Lucky neighbors. Those Allium lusitanicum really caught my eye. Someone pointed out cup plant at one of the Fling gardens, before that I’d only seen it in your pictures. I can see why you like it so.

  6. I enjoy your long views. Everything looks so lush and you have color. Not much color here. We are into the mostly green mode. Rain, we need rain. That is my mantra this summer.

    • I hope the rain comes to you soon. We’re getting just a little dry here. I might have to hand water some of the newer plants this weekend.

  7. Lovely! My front looks like that- and funny that I get calls from real estate agents asking if my abandoned house with the overgrown blooming weeds is for sale? 😮

  8. Your yard and your house are an absolute delight—lovely and inviting.

  9. This time of year, the garden brings wave after wave of delight with changes almost daily. I can see why you’d share long views again; so much beauty to absorb in your garden and home (and gutters, thank you Judy.)

    • I wasn’t actually nagging about the gutters, just noting the greenery. If we painted the gutters green, maybe it wouldn’t show.

  10. You can do as many long views as you like. They’re always interesting! In putting the front beds together, did you plant gradually or did you put in everything at about the same time? Do you try to purchase locally or online or a bit of both? I will come back to see if you post an answer. I also asked previously how long your garden has been in place, but didn’t get an answer. Regardless, it looks great!

    • Hi. I’m sorry you didn’t see my answer to your question. I just checked my blog and it shows I posted an answer on the 22nd, three days after you posted your comment. Does it not show when you look at my blog? If so, how strange. Anyhow, to answer your question, I put in all the beds and borders over several years. We’ve lived here for 14 years, and I started working on the garden almost immediately.

      • I bet I looked too soon. I’ll look again. Thanks! Your garden is truly beautiful. I know it takes a while for things to mature, I’m just impatient. You’ve been at it 14 years so your garden is “there” in terms of full-on maturity. It shows too!

  11. Looks really great with all that color going on! I love those tall cup flowers! I also love your later blooming alliums – I’m going to have to get some of those!

  12. The gardens are looking beautiful, Jason! We are in the hot and dry season now here in western Oregon. Not so much green anymore.

  13. Love the long views! When I take pix of individual flowers in my yard, it looks like I have a lot going on, but the visual impact is missing from my long views. This year I moved some things around – still waiting for them to recover.

  14. I love the height and variety in all your borders, wish mine looked that good. I could give you a run for your money re weeds in the gutter, mine are four foot tall, beats yours hands down!xxx

  15. I’m impressed and not a little bit jealous. I’m also curious about how large the front yard is. A 7 foot plant needs a big area not to seem crowded, obviously. It’s amazing the variety you have and also the sheer height of some of the plantings.

    • Our front garden is not especially big (though I wish it were bigger). I do worry about the plants seeming out of proportion, but somehow the plant mix seems to work. I do some thinning of the Cup Plants in late spring.

  16. I’m impressed and jealous at the same time! Everything looks so neat. You are a passionate gardener, Jason!
    Have a nice weekend

  17. That’s simply stunning, Jason. The garden is so lush. You must stake very well as our border edge plants are sprawled all over the grass, which itself is in a sorry state from having been smothered! I think the pavement should be diverted so it takes the path through the garden!

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