Peg Bier’s Shade Garden, With a Special Emphasis on Chickens

Not live chickens, metal chickens. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We’re going back to another garden we visited during the Garden Bloggers Fling in the DC area.


Peg Bier is something of a local legend among gardeners. Her place is on a mostly wooded lot in Northern Viginia. On first approach, the house is obscured by trees.


Here’s a closer look.


In front of the house there is a sunny spot where brightly colored flowers bloom.  I like all the blue-purple Larkspurs.


Around the back, the garden is mostly shaded.


Bright red Begonias and Fuchsias balance the tranquil green shade.


Containers are skillfully combined into groups.


There are multiple areas for sitting and taking in the garden.


I like these leaf bird baths.


This little church is part of a little fairy garden. Generally I’m not fond of fairy gardens, but I like the church.


There is another sunny area at the rear of the back garden.


There you can find a variety of sun-loving blooms, like these hybrid Purple Coneflowers.


A lot of our pictures from this garden consisted of metal chickens. I’ve mentioned elsewhere Judy’s fondness for inanimate poultry, and this seems to have affected her selection of photographic subjects at Peg’s Garden.


More metal chickens.


More still to come from the 2017 Garden Bloggers Fling.

29 Comments on “Peg Bier’s Shade Garden, With a Special Emphasis on Chickens

  1. The chickens were very photogenic. This garden was full of atmosphere and personality. I wish we’d had more time!

  2. I do like this garden with it’s hit and miss sunny spots. That pot of grass looking like THING is adorable. Like Judy I do like my chickens in the garden.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed visiting her garden again. I admit to missing the leaf water feature and the chickens, but, I did spend a lot of time in the way back sunny garden with the bumble bees.

  4. I’m a huge fan of inanimate poultry too & have a few on my kitchen walls 🙂 I’d love some live ones but the hubby is not on board with that….yet.

  5. Lovely garden…I’m always drawn to shady gardens because of the heat we experience in summer….and I like the flashes of colour from the Begonias, Fuchsias and Coneflowers.

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