A Christmas Tree

We were home for Christmas this year for the first time in a decade. And so, for the first time in as many years, we’ve bought a Christmas tree.

file-25 (7)

Judy impressed me by knowing exactly where the tree stand and our old ornaments were hiding.


The tree needed a little bit of adjustment because the tip was just about 2 inches from the ceiling. We needed to make space for Tillie the angel (see below).


Daniel, Beckee, and David helped with decorating. David’s partner Meredith is with her parents in Boston, but she’ll be joining us on Wednesday.

file1-11 (9)

The angel at the top of the tree is named Tillie. In second grade, Judy created Tillie out of a plastic cup, aluminum foil, and bits of cloth. She has held up pretty well over the years.  You could say she is a vintage angel.

file-27 (6)

There are also these flaxen angels that were given as a gift to Judy’s mom, then passed on to us.

file-27 (5)

file-26 (5)

And these snowflake ornaments with pictures of Daniel and David (above) are a sentimental favorite of mine. They were a gift from Lois, who took care of the boys for a couple of years before they started school.

I’ve really enjoyed our holiday trips, but it’s nice to be home and decorate the tree with these old family ornaments that hold so many memories.

Merry Christmas, joyful solstice, and happy holidays to all!

48 Comments on “A Christmas Tree

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Great you had the right tool for the job : )

  2. My mother had some of those flaxen angels; now, they’re part of my stash. It is fun to bring out ornaments with a history; they help to revive memories. Merry Christmas to you and yours — and best wishes for the New Year.

  3. Merry Christmas! I have three ornaments with my children as little ones too. I love that you still have and use Tillie!
    This is the first year I’ve had an artificial tree. I miss the smell. I had to top it too, our ceilings are low (electric heating in the ceilings of all places, not very efficient being heat rises!).

  4. I’m very impressed with Tillie, the vintage angel from second grade! You’ve been away from home at this season for several years, so it must be nice to be in familiar surroundings for a change. Happy holidays!

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I have never been away from home on Christmas day, but have gone away the day after.

  6. It is sort of odd that the year you choose to stay home for Christmas is the year that AAA says there will be a historic high of people traveling. Sounds like you made a good decision.
    Your tree is a beauty. Love the Angel topper. Homemake ornaments are the best. I so enjoy putting them on my tree too.
    Merry Christmas to you, Judy and the kids. I hope you have a good one.

  7. I too have some flaxen angels, bought I think in the 70’s, they still come out each year.
    Happy Christmas to you and your family, you can’t beat christmas at home!

  8. We have decorations with lots of memories too, I love that part of Christmas..& I love Judy’s angel. Have a very happy Christmas to you, Judy and your family..

  9. Hope you thoroughly enjoy your Christmas at home! May these special ornaments only be outshined by the love in your family’s eyes.

  10. Your tree looks lovely! I love being home for the holidays – there’s nowhere I would rather be. Merry Christmas to you, Judy and the rest of your family!

  11. I enjoy looking at the ornaments and remembering their “histories” each year. It is a bit of work though. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hello Jason, what a beautiful tree and some very sentimental and vintage ornaments. I like the way you nipped the top with a long handled pruner! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

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