Book Review: The Hidden Life of Trees, by Peter Wohlleben

I loved this book. I would have to say it is the best book on the science of plants that I have ever read.

Book Review: Grant, by Ron Chernow

The eve of Martin Luther King Day seems an appropriate time to write a review of Ron Chernow’s new biography of US Grant, the commander of Union armies and two-term president. Chernow’s book shows that Grant’s life and posthumous reputation are tied… Read More

Showa: A Comic Book History of Japan

Before we went to Japan this year, I decided I would try to be a more informed traveler and read some Japanese history. By far the most engrossing and entertaining history books I found were by the Japanese Manga artist, Shigeru Mizuki.

A Few More Non-Gardening Books

Some more books I’ve read recently: Gettysburg: the Last Invasion, by Allen Guelzo This retelling of the pivotal American Civil War battle is engrossing even for people with little interest in military history. What I found most absorbing was the political divisions… Read More

And Now, Some Books Not About Gardening

Soon I will start writing about our trip to Japan in some detail. However, before we get to that I want to post about some books I’ve read lately that left an impression on me. Let’s start with The Moor’s Last Sigh… Read More

The Amazing Lives of Birds

Book Review: Beaks, Bones, and Bird Song, by Roger J. Lederer If you are interested in birds but don’t have much of a science background, this book is a fun and fascinating read. The author establishes first that birds face daunting odds… Read More

The Wilderness That Wasn’t?

Book Review: 1491, by Charles C. Mann Here’s what I and pretty much every American child absorbed in school about the New World before the arrival of Europeans. The Americas consisted almost entirely of pristine wilderness populated by a sprinkling of Indians…. Read More

A Civil War Adventure Story

Book Review: Junius and Albert’s Adventures in the Confederacy, by Peter Carlson Well, I’ve used up the material from all of our 2015 travels, and the garden is still frozen. This seems like a good time for a book review. And no,… Read More

Book Review: Drawn Together, Blown Apart

The recent atrocities in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad brought to mind two novels I read a couple of years ago: Shalimar the Clown, by Salman Rushdie; and Birds Without Wings, by Louis de Bernières. Both books are about fictional small towns that… Read More