Reford Gardens Part II

Reford Gardens hosts an International Garden Festival, consisting of show gardens put together by artists and design teams from around the world. As the website says, the Festival is a “forum for innovation and experimentation.” The 2015 festival had 28 gardens that… Read More

A Garden That Tells The Story of a Place and a Family

This is our second post about Glen Villa, which Judy and I visited at the very end of August. Glen Villa is the garden of Pat Webster, located in Quebec about 90 minutes southeast of Montreal. Pat writes the blog Site and… Read More

Orange Makes a Lasting Impression

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may know that I like orange flowers. Butterflyweed (Asclepias tuberosa), Mexican Sunflowers (Tithonia rotundifolia), orange roses (‘Westerland’, for example), orange Zinnias, orange Asiatic Lilies, etc. One of the gardens we visited as… Read More

A Vision Made Real: Watts Towers

We visited the Watts Towers on the Sunday before Christmas. Watts Towers are the remarkable creation of an immigrant tile setter named Simon Rodia, who worked on them from 1921 to about 1954. There are seventeen towers and other structures on the… Read More

Quirkiness Supreme at Floramagoria

Floramagoria is a remarkable private garden we got to see during the Garden Bloggers Fling in Portland back in July. The garden was striking for its design and combination of beautifully grown plants. But it also contains a highly concentrated and entertaining… Read More

A Minimalist Approach to Christmas Decorations

We are minimalists when it comes to Christmas decorations. Not because we don’t like the holiday, far from it. Not because we are of mixed religious backgrounds. (Judy’s dad was a Lutheran minister, while I’m Jewish. Which, in the memorable phrase coined… Read More

Undaunted Color In The Garden of Keeyla Meadows

One of the most exciting gardens we visited during the 2013 Garden Bloggers’ Fling was that of Berkeley artist and garden designer Keeyla Meadows. Keeyla is also the author of the book Fearless Color Gardens, in which she advocates “Jumping off the… Read More

And Now For A Bunch Of Things That Are Completely Different

So the Garden Bloggers’ Fling started in earnest on Friday. I’ve gotta say we have been seeing some jaw-dropping gardens. Not just creative and visually stunning, but also very different from what I normally associate with the word “garden”. Mat Gil’s Sculpture… Read More

Sunday in the Garfield Park Conservatory with Judy – Part I

Last Sunday Judy and I met Danny for breakfast in Logan Square, then visited the Garfield Park Conservatory for the first time in years. The Conservatory is a Chicago landmark, built in 1906 and designed by Jens Jensen, the great landscape architect… Read More

Said the Robin to the Botanist …

If I were Lewis Carroll I would write a poem to go with these photographs. I found them while perusing old pictures, something I do a lot of when the weather turns cold. These were taken during a summer visit to the… Read More