Seed Starting and the Mexican Sunflower Crisis

The closing of Anton’s, a neighborhood plant nursery, threatened to plunge our garden into crisis. I loved Anton’s for a lot of reasons, but particularly because it was the only place where I could buy one of my absolute favorite plants: Mexican… Read More

Book Review: What A Plant Knows, by Daniel Chamovitz

If you enjoyed Peter Wohlebben’s The Hidden Life of Trees, as I did, then you will find much to appreciate in What A Plant Knows, by Daniel Chamovitz. Chamovitz, Director of the Manna Center for Plant Biosciences at Tel Aviv University, presents an… Read More

Plants Can Tell Up From Down. Can We?

I’ve been reading a fascinating book called What A Plant Knows, by the scientist Daniel Chamovitz. It’s about how plants are smarter than most of us have thought – they have a remarkable abilities to detect and respond to aspects of their … Read More

Embarrassing Garden Moments and Garden Book Giveaway

So my Garden Book Giveaway project has not exactly been proceeding according to schedule. Initially it was supposed to be every Wednesday, then every other Wednesday. Now it’s pretty much a random event. I think this is what physicists call entropy.  … Read More

Garden Book Giveaway Day: The Garden Photography Workshop, by Andrea Jones

As I wrote last week, every Wednesday is Garden Book Giveaway Day until I’ve given away all the extra copies of garden books that I’ve accumulated. So, let me start by announcing the winner of last week’s giveaway: Cortney, of the blog… Read More

Garden Book Giveaway Day!

Somehow I have accumulated extra copies of a number of fine garden books. I have therefore decided to declare, until further notice, that every Wednesday will be Garden Book Giveaway Day. Each Wednesday I will give away one book (free shipping included)… Read More

Looking for a Good Gardening Magazine?

Before I knew about blogs, I subscribed to a lot of gardening magazines. In fact, I pretty much subscribed to every gardening magazine I came across – including some that consisted mainly of photos sent in by readers (often of their grandchildren,… Read More

Comfort Me With Geraniums

Book Review: The Plant Lover’s Guide to Hardy Geraniums, by Robin Parer. If you love Geraniums, you will love this book. If you don’t love Geraniums, this book may plant the seeds (or perhaps a division) of Geranium love in your gardener’s… Read More

Book Review: Gardening for Butterflies

Having just watched the second presidential debate, let me say this: let’s talk about butterflies! I mean, who doesn’t want more butterflies around? They add not just movement and beauty, but really a kind of magic to the garden.

A Community of Plants and People

Book Review: Planting for a Post-Wild World, by Thomas Rainer and Claudia West. Both absorbing and challenging, Planting for a Post-Wild World is dense with both ideas and inspiration for gardeners who want to mix ecology into their horticulture.