Wednesday at the Lurie with Piet

So last Wednesday I got to spend an hour walking through the Lurie Garden with Piet Oudolf and about 20 garden lovers. It was extremely, extremely cool. The unfortunate things were 1) Judy couldn’t come, as she was out of town for… Read More

Oudolf Documentary Close to Completion

Tonight I was able to attend a preview screening of a documentary about Piet ¬†Oudolf. The screening was sponsored by the Lurie Garden (one of the gardens Oudolf helped to create) and attended by the director, Thomas Piper, as well as Oudolf… Read More

Backyard Makeover

John, a friend of mine, has asked me to help him remake his back yard, which lies in full sun between a Chicago-style bungalow and a detached garage. This is exciting, because it is an opportunity to play with more plants. Not… Read More

A Schizophragma integrifolium in Every Garden, and Two Cars in Every Garage

The latest issue of Gardens Illustrated (a magazine I love), has a cover story entitled “Tom Stuart-Smith’s 100 Plants Every Gardener Should Grow”, by the English landscape designer Tom Stuart-Smith.

The Lawn Goodbye?

I just finished reading Lawn Gone! by Pam Penick, something I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while. Pam has written a number of books, along with the excellent blog Digging.

Piet Oudolf Goes to Burger King

OK, maybe Piet Oudolf didn’t design the landscaping around my local Burger King.

The More Things Change (in The Garden), The More Fun I’m Having

Many of us have entered the season during which we gardening mostly in our heads. We are thinking about what plants to add, move, or replace. We are poring over old garden books and catalogs (the 2016 catalogs have yet to arrive,… Read More

A Marvelously Varied Patchwork of Plants

So let’s travel back in time to early June and the Garden Bloggers Fling in Toronto. I’ve done a few posts already about the Fling¬†(this one and this one about the Toronto Islands and then this one about Swansea), but I’ve been… Read More

Curb Appeal

The front garden is the one thing that really brings out my exhibitionist tendencies. I want it to grab the attention of people walking or driving by. Late summer is one of the times when the front garden has its greatest visual… Read More

These are the Gardens in Your Neighborhood (Veronica’s Garden)

Judy and I have done a lot of traveling to visit gardens in other states and even other countries. But it is worth remembering that there are unique and remarkable gardens literally right around the corner. One such surrounds a small, single-story… Read More