An Astonishing Variety of (Mostly) Wild Asters

Now that I have the taxonomy issue out of my system (see last post), I can write about the asters in my garden. (As hillwards points out, “They may not be Asters any more, but they will always be asters …”). All… Read More

The Aster Disaster

I like Asters. Along with Goldenrods, they make my favorite fall garden combination. When it comes to Asters, however, I have been botanically incorrect for years. Thanks to the taxonomists, Asters aren’t really Asters anymore (with a few exceptions). No, now  they are… Read More

Goldenrod’s Midas Touch

Goldenrods (Solidago sp.)  are one of the iconic flowers of fall. Because it is a common roadside weed, and because it is often inaccurately blamed for the airborne pollen that aggravates hayfever, some people have a hard time thinking of goldenrods as… Read More

Pods, Seedheads, Fruit, and Foliage Follow-Up

Fall in the garden means seedheads, pods, and fruit join flowers and foliage as features of the garden. So here are some non-floral highlights for mid-September: I forget what this variety is called, but I think I’ve decided I like these plain… Read More

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: September 2012

My garden is an a sort of transition period between summer and fall. Many of the perennial summer flowers now have seedheads instead of blooms, while the fall flowers have either just begun to flower or are on the verge. Most of… Read More

Question of the Week: Should it Stay or Should it Go? Joe Pye Weed, That Is

Not go as in to the compost pile, but rather to another spot in an nearby flower bed. Some two seasons ago I had to fill a hole in the raised bed along the front walk created by my removal of some… Read More

Busy Bees

The bees surely do love Anise Hyssop (Agastache foeniculum). They are practically swarming around the spiky blue flowers. Judy took this video with her cell phone the other day. Please forgive the quality, this is a first effort.

Here Comes the Sunflower

The perennial sunflowers (genus Helianthus), that is. Most sunflowers grown in gardens are annuals, and they are beauties in a sunny spot. Perennial sunflowers are wildflowers of the prairies, or cultivars much closer to the wildflower species than their annual cousins. The rap on perennial… Read More

Question of the Week: What Should I Plant in This Raised Bed?

On my parkway there are two raised beds on either side of a young hackberry tree. On the west side of the tree, the raised bed is full of species tulips in early to mid-spring. Later in the summer, it is mostly anise… Read More