Healthy Soil, Healthy People?

So an article in last Sunday’s Washington Post talked about how there is a growing body of scientific evidence that healthy soil makes for healthier people. Healthy soil is understood to mean soil that is teaming with a diversity of bacteria and… Read More

Out, damn’d leaf spot! out I say!

So here’s a vignette that isn’t so pleasant. Right now my garden has the worst leaf spot infection I’ve ever seen. It may have something to do with the cool, wet spring we’ve had. At least I hope it’s leaf spot, a… Read More

Is There A Rosarian In The House?

My ‘Westerland’ rose is not well. This rose grows up one side of the arbor leading into our back garden. I’ve read you can train it as a climber, even though it is not normally considered one. I ordered this rose from… Read More

Farewell to Impatiens?

Recently I have read a number of articles and posts about the devastation caused among Impatiens (Impatiens walleriana and related) by downy mildew. While usually just an unsightly nuisance among perennials, this strain is deadly for Impatiens. It can be treated but… Read More

Physocarpus, Heal Thyself

So last night I went to the first class of the new course I’m taking at the Chicago Botanic Garden, “Introduction to Plant Health”. Actually, I thought it was the first class – really, it was the third class. I was confused… Read More